Blazing Samurai Release Date, Plot, Cast, and All Latest Update

Blazing Samurai Movie Poster

Often reboots and remakes of movies are looked forward to; however, the task of executing the essence of the original piece is often misplaced in the retake. The task is even more tedious when it is especially a remake of some old classic since it has to deal with the socio-cultural context of times, then and now. Of course, other factors like technology, are always there to compensate for the lack of things but finding the right balance is the key.

The upcoming movie titled Blazing Samurai undertaken the remake business. It is a loose reimagination of the classic comedy Blazing Saddles which was a satire on the Wild West and took up the issue of racism prevalent in America at that time. Interestingly, the upcoming movie is an animated one, with its target audience being kids. There won’t be much judgment involved. Read along to find out about its release date and other major updates.

When is the Release Date?

If the challenges of making a remake were not enough, the film has already been struggling to come out of the shadows since 2014. It faced funding issues since the initial animation studio backing the movie declared bankruptcy. Since then, the director’s chair and rights to the film have been transferring around. Quite recently, the film was rescued from the development hell when the production/finance venture Align infused money. It now has a $46M budget and is right on the production path.

If all goes well with the movie, the film is planning to finish by the summer of 2021. However, this is just the beginning stage, and often, things can go awry.

What is the Plot?

The live-action original source movie was a black comedy based in the wild west pointed at the American racism. It follows a black man named Bart, appointed as the Sheriff to look after an all-white town. Blazing Samuraibeing a kids’ animated movie, deals with cats and dogs rather than humans. It follows Hank, a scrappy dog who dreams of being a samurai. A warlord cat manipulates him into becoming the Sheriff of a town entirely inhabited by cats. There he forges a friendship with a cat while learning how to be a samurai. The master cat and Hank end up saving the town of Kakamucho from the evil Ika Chu.

Who is in the Cast?

Retaining real connections to the source material, Mel Brooks, the director of Blazing Saddles, will voice Shogun, the benevolent supreme leader. Michael Cera will voice the character Hank with Samuel L. Jackson voices Hanks’ master Jimbo. Ricky Gervais stars as the voice behind the antagonist Ika Chu.

The animated feature film also stars some other big names like Randy Orton, Mel B, Sandra Tsing Loh, Aasif Mandvi, and Gabriel Iglesias. They will voice the cats in the Kakamucho town.

The expectations aren’t really aligned with the older movie since this one is a kid’s movie. The least we can expect from it is, it brings some authenticity and brevity into the genre, coupled with a few good laughs.