Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows Like Ratched

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Suppose one is wondering what to watch next after Ratched. Here the article will give an insight into stories that have a similar genre to the Netflix popular dark-drama series. For instance, Ratched is about the mysteries of a hospital. Here a young nurse (Sarah Paulson) enters the facility to save her non-biological brother. However, becoming evil, at the same time, turning into a full-fledged monster to her patients.

In short presenting top 10 TV shows to watch after finishing Ratched.

American Horror Stories

American Horror Stories tv show poster

American Horror Story is an anthological series. Here one sees a similar cast across a show set in different locations and periods each season. Also, the spooky places such as creepy asylums, circuses, and ever-changing spots of mysteries and horror keep the audience hooked for the story to unfold.


Hollywood is a mini-series with a star-studded ensemble. To name a few, there is Jim Parsons, Darren Criss, etc. In brief, the show is beautifully put together with a charismatic storyline. In short, the focal point of the story revolves around the reimagination of Hollywood town in Los Angeles. Here it invites people to grab equal opportunities and live their lives to the fullest.

High Seas

High Seas TV Show Poster

In the meantime, High Seas have developed three seasons in total. Further, it is announced for season four as well. Above all, the story of the show begins with Eva and Carolina. At the same time, they board a luxurious transport heading to Brazil from Spain. However, the two women look forward to their voyage until a tragedy hits them over a housing of 1600 souls.

Breaking Bad

Especially known as a transcend story of great Tv, Breaking bad is all that one needs to see; for example, with tight writing and memorable characters, the show about a chemistry teacher who goes leaps and beyond to survive life. It is a perfect portrayal of changing characters, destiny, and how circumstances turn him into a drug dealer.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock TV Show Poster

To begin with, the show is about the happenstances in Castle Rock’s residence. It follows an Anthology depiction exploring themes and places that unite King’s canon. Additionally, a portrayal of Stephen King’s multiverse takes to the infamous Shawshank Prison.

Killing Eve

A tale about two women are crafting dark comedy and gritty drama. Killing Eve‘s focal story is about these two women who are bored and crave excitement from their monotonous lives. In this case, these females turn secret agent. While being clueless about each other’s life. As a result, their meet converts into a deadly run of cat and mouse.

The Politician

The Politician TV Show Poster

Here is a story about Payton Hobart. In brief, a student from Santa Barbara. While living his big dreams of becoming the President of the US. Lastly, his character realizes he has first to complete his high school.

Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects the name follows a mystery and drama. Here a troubled reporter Camille, astonished, is found herself, terror. While she is assigned reporting a violent murder case. As a result of a troubled past and violence and depression, her character faces aloneness while reporting the heinous act.


Pose tv series scene

‘Pose’ is about the 1987 period. It portrays several segments of life and society in New York. However, the show focuses on the rise of the luxury universe, the downtown social and literary scene. While also depicting the real-life LGBTQ scene in that period. Finally, the show is about coming to realize the realistic take on life.


A tale of Nip/Tuck (Sean McNamara and Christian Troy), two plastic surgeons. Here the story focuses on a modern-day Playboy living the life of a socialite and using his powers to whim several different women. In contrast, Sean is living an unfulfilling relationship with his wife, Julia.

To conclude, if one seeks to enjoy dark-mystery shows. The series enlisted are the choices that need to be made. So why wait, grab your subscriptions and jump on the bandwagon of binge-watching.

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