Top 10 Must Watch TV Shows Like iZombie

iZombie TV Show Poster

A brilliant dark- horror series. It is the perfect concoction of great plot and eerie vibes. Here iZombie Olivia (Liv), a medical resident. In this case, she lives in Seattle. However, things change and she’s catastrophically turning into a zombie.

If one has finished watching iZombie, don’t worry, the article has got you covered. Here the article gives you alternatives to scare your Monday stress away.

The Return

The Return TV Show Poster

In ‘The Return,’ one sees a small town where unfortunate events keep happening. Here the deceased people start appearing. While it all seems abnormally normal, these individuals have no memory of their death. However, all these abrupt scenarios change the lives of the current residents. Lastly, people are connected to those locals.

In The Flesh

The show is set in Roarton, a fictional village. Here the town is located in Lancashire, many years after “The Rising.” While the horrendous event resulted in several 2009-dead people. In this case, those dead beings are re-animating as flesh-eating, murderous zombies.

Dead Like Me

‘Dead Like Me’ gives everyone chills and goosebumps. A tale created by Bryan Fuller. In brief, set in Seattle, Washington is focusing on the 18-year-old Georgia. In this case, the grim reaper as a result of her death.


She is introducing Jaye Tyler, a graduate in philosophy degree. Wonderfalls is her tale while getting employed as a sales clerk at a gift shop in Niagara Falls. In short her the show focuses on her capability to communicate with specific animal figures, such as a wax lion, brass monkey, stuffed bear, and mounted fish, to name a few.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead tv show poster

It is a scary turn up of dead people. Here the prime focus is the sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes. While reviving after his comatose state in a world dominated by zombies. In the meantime, he collects groupings to survive in the Zombie universe.

Tru Calling

A tale that seeks truth by Tru Davies. Here the protagonist is a medical student working in the city morgue. In the meantime, she realizes that one of the corpses is alive and is asking for help. In this case, she is call by her remarkable power to relive their past and prevent deaths. However, trying to control her abilities in dealing with her troubles.


Reaper tv show poster

There zombies and reapers are termed supernatural beings. Here the story talks about ‘Reaper.’ At the same time, focusing on Sam Oliver, who is working with Satan and capturing escaped souls from Hell.


A spooky tale about protagonist Kirsten Clark. While she is recruit for a government agency. Here Clark goes under a process and is “stitched” into the minds of recently dead people.

Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead TV show Scene

If one has watched ‘The Walking Dead,’ it can co-relate it to Fear the walking dead. In this case, the spin-off and a prequel to it. Here one sees a dysfunctional, blended family. While the willfully are join by several other members. And try surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Z Nation

Murphy plays the protagonist in the Z Nation. Wherefore the entire show revolves around him. It is a tale where the zombie virus is administering over three inmates. However, Murphy is the only human surviving the deadly virus and turns into a hybrid of a human and zombie.

In conclusion, if one seeks to find alternatives to iZombie, the article has got it all covered. In short, it pulls together the best of horror drama series at once.

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