Top 10 Mind Blowing Movies to Watch Like The Mule

So if one seeks to learn The relationship between cinema and psychoanalysis. Therefore it must watch The Mule. Here the storyline of a financially deprived horticulturist Earl Stone becomes an earnest film. While he chooses to gain more money and starts delivering drugs illegally. Therefore bringing him close to his estranged family.

For example, if one is done watching The Mule, it should turn to the alternatives mentioned below and binge-the psyche cinema again.


Sisters Movie Poster

Psychotic drama presented by Brian de Palma. Here the movie explores stars, Margot Kidder, as Danielle Breton. In this case, a French Canadian model. While been surgically separated from her Siamese twin. Lastly, the movie shows its dramatic reunion.

Un Chien Andalou

A tale that represented a mysterious box and a cross-dressing man traveling through space and time. While every moment is different and scary. Thereby man is riding a bike in a woman’s clothing. However, he falls, hits his head on a curb, and dies. Wherefore every scene is distinct from one and another. So the in the following scene, one sees the same man appearing alive inside of a woman’s apartment, watching ants crawl out of his hand.

A Dangerous Method

A Dangerous Method Movie Poster

A dangerous method is David Cronenberg’s creation starring Viggo Mortensen as Sigmund Freud. Here the storyline shows historical drama about the iconic, tense relationship between the father of psychoanalysis and his most renowned student, Carl Jung.

The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

Kaspar Hauser is the protagonist of the story. For example, the movie is inspired by his life. In this case, the story portrays his bizarre, intriguing psychological exploration during childhood for the development of personality and healthy maturation.

The Piano Teacher

The Piano Teacher Movie Poster

Here is an unconventional story of The piano teacher. For example, Isabelle Huppert plays a masochistic piano teacher. However, her cognizance begins t fail once she alls for a brilliant student.


A dramatic tale of a bizarre experiment. Here Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos is exploring his language of filmmaking and, in this case, presenting the concepts of the Real, Imaginary, and Symbolic.

Further, the story shows A domineering father (Christos Stergiouglou) and a passive mother creating a world of children who are accustomed to following the means and ways of their parent’s will.

Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet Movie Poster

It is a story from the uncanny achiever David Lynch. Here he tells everyone about follows the plight of Jeffrey Beaumont ( Kyle MacLachlan). In this case, a young college student is coming back from college for the semester. In the meantime, the storyline speaks about the beautiful juxtaposition of the character and her psyche.

Black Swan

Natalie Portman starring and the award-winning Black swan by Darren Aronofsky’s. Here the story portrays her character Nina as a ballerina. For example, her struggles for competing for the lead role in a production of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Thereby Nina is the girl requiring the innocent White Swan, and she attests to play the black one.


Shame Movie Poster

A tale from the archives of Steve McQueen. In this case, representing the depths of sexuality and the human psyche. Here the storyline portrays a 30 old sex addict living in New York City. For example, Fassbender plays Brandon, who suddenly is disturbed by his visiting sister—thereby making Brandon’s world inside down. While forcing him to admit to his addiction and dysfunctional lifestyle.


A marvelous portrayal of Pycholnalysis is Psycho. Here the storyline focuses on an unstable killer Norman Bates. Thereby suffering from a split psyche housing in his mind is her jealous mother. Further, the story shows the findings of the psychiatrist’s upon his disturbed personality. Lastly, concluding it is Norman, in body, that is the killer; it was the personality of his mother that had taken over in such instances.

Suppose one seeks to peek and learn the depth of the human psyche. Here are the enlisted movies that will help learn better. Movies such as Psycho, Shame, Black Swan, Dogtooth and many more are the handpicked classics which represents the theme of psychoanalytic theory into the world of cinema. So, why wait begin with binge-watch sessions now.

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