Top 10 Mind Blowing Movies to Watch Like Now You See Me

Now You See Me Movie Poster

Suppose one is tired of the repeated plot-lines of Hollywood. ‘Now You See Me’ shall change its perspective on the predictability. In brief, the movie introduces the Four Horsemen, in short, magicians who are part of the Eye. However, to earn their space in the Eye, these magicians have to prove their skills. Therefore, they gather a lot of enemies, among them is Walter (Daniel Radcliffe). Lastly, kidnapping them all to seek a high position in the Eye.

Hence, to add spice and mystery to one’s day, here is a list of movies that one should watch after ‘Now You See Me.’ Buckle up to explore the world of suspense.


Mindhunters Movie Poster

There is the FBI’s infamous Psychological profiling program from where rise the Mindhunters. Here to save the world from the deceived criminals. Thereby hiding their identities. Therefore when seven agents are being trained for this job in the lone island, the discovery that among them is a serial killer triggers a failure. In the meantime, the killer starts killing people who think they can catch him.


A tale of an ingenious suspense thriller. Here Snowpiercer starring Chris Evans as Will Curtis is based on a dystopian future of the earth. Further, the movie shows how the earth is frozen, and only a train remains to carry the surviving human population. While the catastrophe gets worsen when the tickets divide these people into a class system, with the poorest and most unfortunate at the train’s back. In comparison, the high-class rich people at the front. Will Curtis takes upon the mission to liberate people from the class system.


Illusionist Movie Poster

So, Illusionist is set in 19th century Vienna. There are saying about tricks and hypnosis being famous in the city. A tale about reuniting the protagonist with his childhood love, the Duchess Von Teschen (Jessica Beil). While she engaged, they still pursue love. Further things get out of hand in the love triangle. Lastly, the movie reveals who wins Duchess, the prince with his real power, or Eisenheim with his magical powers.


A tale about a third-generation con artist: here it is Nicky Spurgeon, played by Will Smith. In the meantime of robbing people, he gets his heart robbed by small-time hustler Jess (Margot Robbie). While Fearing for his reputation, Nicky leaves her high and dry instead of admitting to his feeling. Finally, the movie explores how they meet again in Buenos Aires, and will they reconcile or no?

Doctor Strange

Dr.Strange Movie Poster

This a marvel’s marvelous character. Here Benedict Cumberbatch as the iconic Dr. Strange. In the movie, one sees Strange as a surgeon who has lost his hands in a car accident. However, he refuses to settle down and moves towards unconventional and superstitious sources of healing his limbs. In the meantime, encounters an immortal sorceress called the ‘Ancient One’ who’ll train him, opening his eyes to the parallel universes, in short bringing everyone Dr. Strange.

Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Junior, like Conan Doyle, inspired Sherlock Holmes. Thereby the movie is exploring Holmes’s inquisitive minds solving mysteries. However, he stumbled upon a case of Lord Blackwood. In this case, he’s an expert in black magic resurrects after death. In the meantime, he was killing people who conspired against him. Lastly, the film tells us how Hilmes explained the insanity with logic.


Zodiac Killer Movie Poster

A tale about a serial killer who is out and about in California: here, this drifter kills innocent lives. In the meantime, this crazy sinister send three letters to the San Francisco Chronicle. Thereby declaring his crimes and continuing heinous killing.

Ocean’s Eleven

The story about that continues when Danny Ocean (George Clooney) lost everything, including all his money and beautiful wife Tess (Julia Roberts) when he went to prison. Afterward, he returns for a big hunt planned. In the meantime, he recruits his gang and eleven best men to rob owns three of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas.

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can Movie Poster

A right impersonator Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio). Here Catch me if you can is about Frank trying to dupe people into giving him millions of dollars by impersonating as a doctor, lawyer, and pilot.

The Prestige

If one seeks to watch a masterpiece of a movie by Christopher Nolan, The prestige is the calling. Here two great actors Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, play Two magicians. Thereby set in a fierce competition of skills among each other. In the meantime, one of them stretches the thing too far by deciding to die every night to complete his infamous ‘Vanishing Act. At the same time, changing the life of charging with the other one’s murder.

Finally, presenting a vast option for binge-watch sessions. If one seeks to enjoy “Like Now You See Me” the options above will surely be promising choices keeping everyone hooked onto the plasma screens. Above all the options explore genres like action, thriller, heist, mystery, crime film, and caper story. Coupled together fixing your weeks and weekends all in one.