Movies Space Jam 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and All Latest Update

Space Jam 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and All Latest Update

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Michael Jordan gave many a shock when starring on Space Jam. It was an entertaining mix of animation and lived action. And two decades later, prepare for a sequel to the movie, with LeBron James taking on the mantle from Jordan. It is clear the basketball superstar is determined to revive the magic of the original film.

Space Jam saw Jordan teaming up with Looney Tunes to defeat a group of aliens over a game of basketball. Filled with laughter and a lot of fun, the movie was a delight. With it being so popular among kids, the sequel has a task at hand. It is expecting not to disappoint.

Space Jam 2: When is it Releasing?

The news about a Space Jam sequel is not new. It has been under discussion ever since the boom in the franchise movie genre. Initially, Michael Jordan is expecting to return for a sequel. But with him declining the offer, James was roped in back in 2014.

The movie spent several dormant years until filming began in 2019. It is done by the end of the year, making it safe from the pandemic’s effects. The film is going to stick with its July 16, 2021 release date. With any further delay seemingly distant. Coincidentally, the movie will also mark the 25th Anniversary of the original film.

Space Jam 2: Who is Appearing?

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There is no point in guessing who will be leading the cast. James will look to follow in the era-defining legend’s footsteps preceding him. And joining him for the film is the familiar face of Don Cheadle.

Don is going to appear as the primary antagonist of the movie. With Sonequa Martin-Green and Ceyair J. Wright rounding off the cast. Eric Bauza and Kath Soucie will be lending their voices to Bugs and Lola Bunny. And finally, Bob Bergen will appear as Porky Pig, while Jeff Bergman as Sylvester.

Space Jam 2: What is the Story?

The story of the movie has been kept in wraps for the time being. But LeBron had explained earlier the direction it is going to take. With him dismissing the idea of Space Jam 2 as a direct sequel. Instead, it will be a reboot of the original movie.

In the 1996 film, the Looney Tunes sought Jordan’s help during his two seasons outside the game. With his aid, they defeat a group of aliens in a basketball match. For the film to be a reboot, it will have to sort out the premise a bit.

Space Jam 2: Is a Trailer There?

Springhill Entertainment had announced the film’s release on their Twitter account. But that is all there is for the fans. The movie s yet to drop an official trailer. And with its release in July next year, a teaser might be out by early 2021.

Space Jam 2 has a lot of promise. LeBron had expressed his desire to transform the movie into a franchise. For that to happen, a lot will depend on the film. An open-ended finish might set up future movies. And given the anticipation surrounding it, that won’t be a wrong decision.

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