Pragmata Game Trailer, Gameplay, Release Date & Latest News

Pragmata Game poster

The new Capcom sci-fi gameplay, Pragmata, will make its debut soon. The game revealed during the PlayStation 5 game showcase looks quite mysterious. And, the trailer exclusively reveals how strange the premise of this game will be.

The release of the premiere trailer of Pragmata has invited many speculations about the game. The critics are making a comparison to Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. It is because the game features high-tech explorers and supernatural enemies. The footage of the game seems to be surreal. While the trailer is quite thrilling, the actual pattern of Pragmata is still very mysterious.

Here’s what the mysterious trailer brings to you: An astronaut marching across a metropolis, an urban dystopic unending space. A young girl. A skinless holographic cat. Pixelating and twisting buildings. Broken sky and the space station is falling from its midst. The air which is sucking the characters in. And suddenly, the characters are shifted to the moon. It seems difficult for the fans to connect the dots about this gameplay through the trailer.

So, if you wish to know more about the gameplay, keep reading.

What is the story of Pragmata?

According to the trailer, you will play in a “breathtaking dystopian world.” It is likely that the premise is set on the lunar space. The gameplay will also take the players to the underground lunar complex, which is like a metropolitan space. Capcom’s new game takes place in a lunar colony in the post-apocalyptic dystopic world.

The comparison to Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding seems to be quite applicable. This gameplay centers around courier Sam Bridges. He has a ghost-detecting tank baby. Following a similar note, the story of Pragmata involves an unnamed astronaut and a mysterious young girl who accompanies him. Things get complicated for this pair as there is quite a bit of static and interference in the sky that blinds the screen. Both of them are then thrust into the sky.

It becomes more complicated as they almost collide with a satellite. But, the girl’s eyes glow. With this, she interacts with a gadget that is in the astronaut’s repertoire. This interaction produces a protective net from the gadget. The astronaut yields this net to shield themselves from the imminent danger. They continue to float in the sky, and they land in the outer space.

In the trailer, both of them stand on the moon facing the earth. The Astronaut describes it as “Freedom. Our Freedom.”

When will the Pragmata gameplay release?

This mysterious gameplay is set to release in 2022. Capcom is actively designing and refining Pragmata’s gameplay to release it on the next generation of consoles in 2022. Pragmata’s trailer promises this to be a gripping dystopian sci-fi adventure.

While the gameplay suggests a compelling sci-fi story and universe, Capcom is still tight-lipped about it. The game is still in the early stages of development, and not much is known about it. But, Capcom is giving a new touch to its already established franchise. From the holographic representation of life to developing a new protagonist, Pragmata promises something huge for the gamers.