Updates About Chucky Season 1 Release Date, Cast and News

Chucky Season 1 TV Show Poster

The Child’s Play franchise gave the world the menacing Chucky. The Don Mancini creation has earned itself notorious fame. And since the movies have appeared on comic books and video games. And now the serial killer is all set to make his debut on the small screen. With Chucky marking his first appearance on a web series.

It is obvious that Syfy looked at the popularity of the series before this endeavor. The franchise has had success in past efforts like this. But while the show is in the making, fans know very little about what to expect. That might soon change.

Chucky Season 1: Release Date

The series was first announced by Syfy in 2018. Fans were delighted to know that Mancini was returning as the creator and producer for the show. The series is going to belong to the same universe as the film. And is only going to continue forward the story told in the movies.

The pandemic has not had much effect on the show’s schedule. With filming being currently underway and expect to wrap up later this year. It is interesting that fans have not been given a release date for the series just yet. However, that might be because the show is yet to be completed.

Syfy was extremely happy and confident with the series. They wasted no time in giving the series a green signal. The work on the show is going on steadily, and it is expected to drop during the Spring of 2021.

Chucky Season 1: Cast

They cast for the series remains a mystery. Despite the movie being firmly in production, there has been not much news about the actors who will appear. However, of the two names disclosed, one is Brad Dourif. The actor holds legendary status in the franchise and shall return to voice Chucky once again.

Joining him in the adventure is Jennifer Tilly. Appearing as Tiffany, she is the only other cast of the show confirmed so far. Fans have made several speculations about various returning members from the movies. Thus far, no announcements have been made to justify these speculations.

Chucky Season 1: Story

As far as the story goes, Chucky is going to be a classic horror series. The show is going to remain true to its root, and the doll is going to be at the heart of the nefarious act. The possessed doll is going to appear on a yard sale in an American town.

But soon after his arrival, mysterious deaths and accidents begin to take place. But what is most interesting, fans are going to know more about the past of the doll. There is going to be a lot of focus on his origins. But not only that, the official synopsis promises arrival of his past enemies and allies as well. This reunion is tempting and waited excitedly.

Chucky Season 1: Trailer

There is some good news, after all. Fans can get a quick first glimpse of the show from its new teaser that dropped this July.

The horror franchise does not really need anything to be said. But it would be interesting to find out whether its success will replicate on the small screen as well. The information surrounding the series is scarce. That has done well to capture the imagination of its fans, who expects a blast from the show.