TV Shows The Flash Season 7 Release Date, Plot, and Everything We Know So...

The Flash Season 7 Release Date, Plot, and Everything We Know So Far


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The CW series The Flash recently completed its sixth season. Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, season 6 of The Flash was cut short. It ended with 19 episodes instead of the default 22 episodes. After the early wind up of the latest season of The Flash, the series is now updated for the seventh season.

As the series has ended three episodes short of the 22 episodes order, here’s what is in the news about the upcoming season of the show.

What will happen in Season 7 of The Flash?

Eric Wallace, the showrunner of the show has revealed the plans about season 7. He talks about Joe West’s storyline. Joe is the captain of the Central City Police Department’s storyline. According to Wallace, Joe’s story will be a reflection of the current events of the world. It will be “inspired by the societal changes happening in today’s world”.

Scarlet Speedster and the team Flash will reunite in the upcoming season. The upcoming season will connect the two halves of season 6. The latest season of The Flash was divided into two parts. Part one deals with Barry’s struggle to come to terms with his fate. He learns that he will die in the event of the “Crisis” crossover, but he somehow survives it.

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Part 2 introduces a new threat, Eva McCulloch, who traps the Flash members in a Mirrorverse. Eric Wallace reveals that Season 7 will explain “how it all comes together”.

Is the trailer available?

A teaser trailer teased at the DC fandom. This reveals some footages from the last episode of season 6 which was not complete in itself. The 20th episode which was to feature in season 6 is now pushing to the upcoming season. The teaser released in the month of August.

Who will return to Season 7 of The Flash?

Hartley Sawyer has fired from the team owing to his misogynistic and racist tweets. Sawyer played Ralph Dibny/ Elongated Man in the show. The producers will give the character of Elongated Man a “bit of rest”. And, they are “leaving the door open” for his character.

As mentioned, season 7 will also focus on Joe West’s storyline. This confirms Jesse L. Martins return as Joe.

Godspeed has confirmed as one of the major villains of season 7. The character’s portrayal is by Kindall Charters and the voice-over by BD Wong.

According to Patton, in the upcoming seasons, Barry Allen and Iris West will “find their way to each other”. This will bring back Grant Gustin as Barry and Candice Patton as Iris West.

When will Season 7 of The Flash premiere?

As per the reports, season 7 will release sometime in 2021. As of now, no premiere date is officially out for its 2021 release. The CW has not revealed when the new episodes of season 7, including the final episodes of season 6 will premiere.

The Flash is an American Superhero tv series which had made its debut in 2014. It is a modern reimagining of the DC comic series, The Flash. You can catch up with the six seasons of the series on Netflix.

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