Lost in Random Gameplay, Story, Release Date, and Latest Updates

Lost in Random gameplay scene

Get ready to roll the dice to decide your fate.

Electronic Arts are ready to launch its next-gen game line up. And this time, these games promise to be something more than spiritual sequels or upgradation in sports-themed gameplay. The new EA Originals game is now announced, officially titled as Lost in Random.

EA Originals is now seeking for new games from smaller developers to find an audience for them. Lost in Random is being developed by Zoink Games. It is famed for its previous release, the first-ever EA Original title, Fe, which had come out in 2018.

Lost in Random reminisces Tim Burton’s works. Tim Burton is an American filmmaker with a distinct style of “gothic suburbia.” This goth style uses visuals and images that have dark implications in YA movies. Tim Burton is best known for his movies such as Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Lost in Random develops its visuals and plots in a pattern similar to Burton’s dark fantasy world.

What is the storyline of the gameplay?

The action-adventure gameplay, Lost in Random has a quite unusual premise. You will play Even, a girl in the dark fantasy world called Random.

The world of Random is a stop motion-inspiring land (you can think it in terms of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas). It’s a dark kingdom, and here your fate lies in the outcome of the dice you roll.

The player will also discover another dice, the sidekick Dicey. As the game rolls on, either your fate will destroy you. Or, you will “embrace the chaos” to roll the fate into your favour.

Hence, get ready to embark on a new journey with your sidekick, Dicey, in the land of Random to help out the oppressed people.

When will Lost in Random gameplay release?

The gameplay will release in 2021. Lost in Random is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam. As of now, no premiere date is officially available for its release next year.

EA Originals has lined up three-game to release shortly. Besides Lost in Random, it is also planning to release Rocket Arena and It Takes Two, the next game from Josef “F*** the Oscars” Fares’ studio, Hazelight. This is a trio of Indie developing games that will be released under the EA Originals banner.

Is the trailer available?

Electronic Arts dropped the teaser trailer on June 19, 2020. It gives a good look into what you can expect from this Tim Burton-esque styled gameplay.

EA had dropped the trailer for Zoinks latest release during its EA Play Live presentation. Lost in Random was originally a part of the announcement in 2019, with a release date set for next year.

Lost in Random is an upcoming third-person action-adventure game with dark, fantastical vibes to it. So, get ready to play the odds in this unusual story that this gameplay will soon bring to you. It will be your turn to roll in order to break the curse on Random. Stay tuned.