Top 10 TV Shows to Watch If You Liked The 100

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The 100 is a popular science fiction series, which made its debut in 2014. Based on a novel by Kass Morgan, the series takes viewers into the Ark. With a nuclear decimation wiping off the population of Earth, a group of adolescents returns to it a century later. The series takes you in instantly.

Directed by Jason Rothenberg, the show continued on for seven seasons. It earned rave reviews from critics and left fans satisfied. The show’s success has also led to the creation of a prequel series. While that remains in work, here is a list of few other series that fans of The 100 might like.

Sense 8

Sense 8 TV Show Poster

Created by The Wachowskis, the show left many fans heartbroken following its conclusion. The show deals with a group of eight people from around the globe. Seemingly unknown to one another, the group find themselves connected with each other. With a great story and relatable characters, the show steals the match.


The show takes place in the distant future. With society on the verge of destruction, people are sent back to the 21st century to alter the course of history. With such an innovative plot and brilliant writing, the series keeps you on the toe all the time. And with just three seasons, you can breeze through it within a day.

Another Life

Another Life TV Show Poster

The series is a non-stop space adventure. When an alien spacecraft lands on Earth, Niko Breckinridge is sent to analyse it. Tasked with establishing a link with the alien race, things get complicated quickly and utterly. Releasing in 2019, the show has found instant success on Netflix.


Colony establishes a new society on Earth. An alien race lands on Los Angeles dividing the people of the city in two. Some allies with them, others do not. With some sinister plans brewing, the plot thickens up quickly. The series captures human motivation and paranoia extremely rationally. Thereby making it a treat to watch.


Heroes TV Show Poster

The four seasons long series made its debut back in 2006. The show spoke about superheroes back when the genre was not yet in vogue. A group of these especially able humans team up to save the world from destruction. A decade has passed since the show last aired. But it has lost none of its brilliance even after a second watch.

12 Monkeys

Back when the series began, nobody anticipated its relevance in five years time. James returns from the future to 2015. He has been tasked with preventing the release of a deadly disease that is going to ruin humanity in the future. The show never runs out of gas and make the themes of time-travel and apocalypse work convincingly.

The Strain

The only thing science-fiction genre was lacking, was perhaps a splash of vampirism. Well, that is exactly what The Strain brings with itself. A viral outbreak spreads throughout the world. It leads to the development of a special strain of vampirism among its victims.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead TV Show Poster

The ten seasons long series requires no introduction. Such has been its success that two spin-off series of the show has already been announced. It is a story of survival amidst a zombie apocalypse. Brilliant and un-putdownable, you need to get started with it immediately.

The Society

The series develops on an innovative plot. A high school student’s group goes out to the forest for camping. Upon returning, they discover that they have been transferred into an alternate dimension. Struggling to return back to their own dimension, the series is simply fantastic.

Black Summer

Black Summer TV Show Poster

Black Summer grips you with tension and horror. The threat of a zombie apocalypse looms largely on humanity. With their back to the wall, a group tries to fight back. Pulsating and thoroughly entertaining, the show is a must-watch.

Fans all over are loving the genre of science-fiction. This has led to the creation of some sensational series. These are quick, immersive shows with a deeply entangled universe. It is easy to get lost here and pity if missed.

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