Movies Top 10 Mind-Boggling Movies to Watch If You Liked The Call

Top 10 Mind-Boggling Movies to Watch If You Liked The Call


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The call is a 2013 crime thriller movie. The movie revolves around a 911 operator who receives a call from an abducted girl. As redemption for her past mistake, she will do everything she can to save the girl.

Here is the list of 10 other such movies, which are a must-watch for the fans of The Call.


Gone came out in February of 2012 starring Amanda Seyfried. The movie revolves around Jill, a kidnapped victim in her past. Her life is turned upside down when her sister goes missing. Jill is convinced that her kidnapper has returned and she is set to save her sister and settle scores with her abductor.


Faster released a decade ago and stars Dwayne Johnson. The movie revolves around an ex-con who goes on a spree killing those who betrayed him.


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Prisoners Movie Poster

Prisoners is a 2013 movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman. The story revolves around Keller Dover, whose worst nightmare comes to reality when his six-year-old daughter gets kidnapped. With police reaching a dead end on every lead, desperate Keller decides to take matters in his own hands. Will he save his daughter in time?

Gone Girl

Released in October 2010, the movie stars Ben Affleck. Nick Dunne’s life is turns upside down when his wife disappears on their fifth anniversary. He soon realises that he has become the centre of attraction for the media and slowly reveals his dark secrets.

Source Code

Source Code Movie Poster

Source Code came out in 2011 and starred Jake Gyllenhaal as the protagonist. The movie revolves around an army pilot who wakes up o find himself in the body of someone else. He discovers that he is a part of a government experiment to find the bomber of commuter train within eight minutes.

The Tall Man

The tall man is Thriller mystery film that came out in 2012. The story revolves around Julia, a single mother and a nurse, whose son is abducted. The town folk says that an old legend called Tall Man abducted her son and children. Julia decides to kill the children kidnapping entity and save her


Kidnap came out in 2017. It is a story of a lonely single mother who will go to any boundaries to save her abducted son. Will she save her son’s life in time?


Peppermint movie scene

Peppermint is 2012, thriller action movie starring Jennifer Garner. The film revolves around Riley North an average bank teller, who turns into a killing machine after her husband and daughter get killed brutally. She is on a revenge spree against a drug cartel and the ineffective justice system.

Side Effects

Side effects came out in 2013. The movie is about a young lady, who goes into clinical depression after her husband goes to jail, and loss her lavish life. Her Psychiatrist prescribes her a new type of drug called Alixba. But the side effect of the drug results in the devastation of lives of both, doctor and patient.


Searching Movie Poster

Searching is a mystery drama that came out in 2018. The story revolves around David Kim, whose 16-year-old daughter goes missing. This forces him to break into her laptop, searching for clues in desperation, which reveals even more horrifying secrets.

These thriller crime movies are sure worth the time and experience. All of these movies received mixed reviews but fans loved them. Therefore, make sure to check out these fantastic movies and stay safe in this pandemic.

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