Top 10 Mind-Boggling Movies to Watch If You Liked Taking Lives

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Crimes and criminals are the worst attributes of A civilized society. Like it or not, these are the social evils we try to avoid at all costs. Interestingly, while we are so abhorrent of crimes and criminals, a good crime thriller movie is always an intriguing watch. If you are someone who fits the case, chances are you have seen the film Taking Lives and are probably looking for more. Here is a list of 10 movies to watch like it.


Hostage movie scene

A former LAPD hostage negotiator is called in for a hostage situation. Some amateur teenage kids mess up an SUV robbery and end up in a highly guarded house which serves as a fortress. Things take an oblique turn when the negotiator’s own family is kidnapped, and he must make a choice.
IMDb rating: 6.6

Murder by Numbers

Murder by Numbers movie scene

Loosely based on the Leopold and Loeb case, it follows two rich high school kids. One is a popular extrovert while the other an introvert nerd in forensics. They both plan a ‘perfect crime’ and then frame their marijuana dealer with the murder. A brilliant detective and her new partner investigate and discover the trail to the two kids.
IMDb rating: 6.2

Kiss the Girls

Starring Morgan Freeman, it is based on James Patterson’s 1995 novel of the same name. A Washington DC detective heads to Durham when his niece is the latest victim in a series of kidnappings. When a girl escapes from the captor, she helps the detective to trace the culprit and save the other girls.
IMDb rating: 6.6

Gone Girl

Gone Girl Movie Poster

An intense thriller starring Ben Affleck based on Gillian Flynn’s novel of the same name. It is an intriguing story of a former author and his glamourous wife projecting to be a perfect couple. When Amy goes missing, the high profiling of the case puts the husband at the centre of suspicion. As the investigation proceeds, the audience gradually understands the complexity of what lies behind this happy couple.
IMDb rating: 8.1


A legal thriller starring Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. A wealthy and brilliant Ted Crawford shoots his wife, confesses to the murder but appeals not guilty and represents himself. A successful district attorney Willy Beachum is assigned to the case, but Crawford destroys him with the case and predicts a series of crimes like a clockwork.
IMDb rating: 7.2

The Glass House

 The Glass House Movie scene

When Rhett and Ruby’s parents die in a car accident, they move into their former neighbour’s house in Malibu. Everything seems to be going great until after they discover their parents left them $4 million. They start noticing odd behaviour from the house owners and soon discover they are not the friends they think to be.
IMDb rating: 5.8

Secret Window

A successful writer Mort Rainey retreats to his remote cabin while going through a harsh divorce to write a story. Soon a farmer named John Shooter comes to his door claiming the story to be his creation and accuses him of plagiarism. Initially ignoring the accusation Rainey soon finds out that Shooter won’t be easy to do away.
IMDb rating: 6.6


Starring Tom Cruise, the film follows a diligent LA cabbie agrees to a high paying customer to take him to several places. However, he soon finds himself in a hostage situation when he finds out the customer to be a hitman on a job.
IMDb rating: 7.5

Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger movie scene

Starring Bruce Willis and Halle Berry, the film follows Rowena Price, a New York reporter who begins to investigate the murder of a friend leading her to an advertising industry giant Harrison Hill. She takes on several aliases and identities, online and offline to uncover the truth.
IMDb rating: 5.7

Inside Man

It is an incredible story of an elaborately planned bank heist on Wall Street. The mastermind Dalton Russell always comes out to be one step ahead of the NYPD negotiator Keith Frazier. Simultaneously, the bank’s founder hires a power broker to retrieve important belongings.
IMDb rating: 7.6

These crime thrillers give an insightful look into criminal psychology and put you a thrill ride. Be ready for a tight watch because the suspense is too strong in all these movies.

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