Legally Blonde 3 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and All Latest Update

Legally Blonde 3 TV Show Poster

Legally Blonde 3 is finally gearing up. It has been a long time coming. Ever since the first movie came out in 2001, fans have been going crazy. The franchise followed the extremely successful Legally Blonde with an even more bountiful sequel.

The film performed brilliantly in the box office. And fans and critics alike impressed with the movie. And after a long hiatus, fans are about to get what they want. The third film is also going to witness the return of Mindy Kaling for the script. She will be pairing with San Goor for the film. So there is plenty to be excited about.

Legally Blonde 3: When is it Releasing?

Reese Witherspoon had sent Twitter into a meltdown in 2018. Sporting a pink bikini, she posted the announcement about the renewal of the franchise. MGM confirmed per post and gave the fan’s the film’s official release date. It was supposed to be May 8, 2020.

But as the pandemic rolled in, that plan went into the waste paper basket. In the meantime, another new wave rocked the ship. It was recently declared that Mindy Kaling would partner San Goor as the new scriptwriter for the movie. With a complete overhaul in the story expected. Now, the official release date is May 20, 2022.

Legally Blonde 3: Who will return?

As the franchise returns, it would just not be the same without its original cast. Hence we are likely to see many of them return from the last film. But so far, there has only been confirmation about Reese Witherspoon, Alanna Ubach, Jennifer Coolidge, and Jessica Cauffiel.

Relax, other members will be joining them soon enough with Witherspoon even expressing the desire to work with some of her former colleagues. “I love Jennifer Coolidge and Luke Wilson and Selma Blair … if we end up doing it, hopefully, they end up all being there,” she said in an interview.

Legally Blonde 3: What will it be about?

This is the question at the top of the mind of the franchise’s fans. With the honest answer being, nobody has many clues about it. The film is being scripted once again from the start. And this time with a different story.

With the film being far from ready, it is only Witherspoon we can count on. She has previously explained the cosmopolitan appeal it is going to have with it being glamorous, fun, and feminist at heart. So until the production concludes, this is what the fans will have to suffice themselves with.

Legally Blonde 3: Is there a Trailer?

There is no hint of a trailer just yet. The film is reported to be only in pre-production. And no new updates have been mentioning about Legally Blonde 3. So it is going to be a long wait before anyone gets a glimpse of the sequel.

The series had dominated the comedy sphere of the early 2000s. While it is now a long way back, Legally Blonde 3 is riding on high hopes. Moreover, fans remain excited about the movie. But nothing is sure until its release.