Movies Infinite Release Date, Plot, Movie Cast and Everything We Know So Far

Infinite Release Date, Plot, Movie Cast and Everything We Know So Far


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It’s not the first time Mark Wahlberg has undertaken a sci-fi route in his outstanding career with Infinite. He did an exceptional job with the Transformers series and is now set to explore the genre once again. Expect a blockbuster flick is coming up if you know Wahlberg is in it. Infinite is based on D. Eric Maikranz’s unpublished novel. The Reincarnationist Papers adapted into a screenplay by Ian Shorr and James Coyne. The producer of the movie is Paramount Pictures and the director of the movie is Antoine Fuqua.

The film would have hit theatres by now, but unfortunately, it couldn’t. Read along to find out the new release date and other updates on the upcoming sci-fi adventure.

Infinite: Release Date

The initial date for the movie release is out for August 7, 2020. However, the film met an early setback when Chris Evans pulled out of the movie in June 2019 after joining the project in February the same year. Further aggravation set in with the pandemic affecting every other movie alike.

The new release date for the movies is May 28, 2021, on Memorial day weekend. The new date is a high profile one since it marks the unofficial movie season. Infinite will clash with Cruella and possibly a few other big movies, fighting for the audience’s interest. Also, the time extension gives Fuqua some added time to bring out the best, working on the editing of the movie.

Infinite: Plot 

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The story of The Reincarnationist Papers resonates closely with that of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. It follows a schizophrenic man Evan Michaels who intermittently has flashes of his past life. He discovers himself to be a part of a secret group which is ‘Infinites’. They have been acting as agents or protectors of human society for centuries. Evan joins the society in and discovers critical secrets of the past. Now, he must work with the group to thwart an evil attempt to save their existence by one of their own.

By the sound of it, Infinite also projects some parallels to the recently released Netflix’s Orginal movie The Old Guard. Tine will tell if the movie offers some exclusive details embedded in the movie.

Infinite: Cast 

After Chris Evans backed out as the lead for the movie, Mark Wahlberg joined into the part, and it is safe to say the movie is still in good hands. Chiwetel Ejiofor, who earned an Oscar nomination for his part in 12 Years a Slave, will play the villain. The Teen Wolf fame Dylan O’Brien is all set to co-star with Game of Thrones fame Jessica Henwick. Jason Mantzoukas and Rupert Friend are also reported to be onboard the Infinite cast.

Infinite: Trailer/Teaser

Paramount Pictures had hoped to make it big by dropping the first clip at the CinemaCon and SXSW. Due to the pandemic situation both the events are drop. Consequently, no teaser or trailer has been launched for the movie yet.

Infinite is reported to have been shot over a variety of locations, which include – New York City, London, Nepal, Scotland, Thailand, Wales, and many other picturesque locations. It will surely be a delightful watch when it finally hits the theatre.

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