Top 10 TV Shows to Watch If You Liked Line of Duty

Line of Duty TV Show Poster

Police procedural television series are excellent and fun to watch. It is easy to find, watch, and get caught up in many shows. One such show which received a lot of attention was Line Of Duty. The police procedural series began in 2012 and is still airing. With so many shows to watch, a list of top 10 shows that you can watch!

1. Marcella

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A detective series that follows a former detective from London, Marcella Backland. Marcella returns to investigate an open case from eleven years prior, involving an unidentified serial killer who has become active again. The show was positively reviewed, and lead actress Anna Friel won an Emmy for her role as Marcella.

2. The Fall

The Fall TV Show Poster

The Fall is a psychological crime thriller starring Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson. A detective drafted from the London Metropolitan Police tries to track down and catch a serial killer operating in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The case turns into a nightmarish cat and mouse chase.

3. The Forest

The Forest TV Show Poster

The Forest is a French crime drama series that debuted on Netflix in 2018. While investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl in a village near the Ardennes forest, the police and a concerned teacher uncover some unsettling secrets.

4. One Of Us (also called Retribution in some countries)

2016 miniseries that are gripping, tense, as well as unsettling and suspenseful. A newly-wed couple is murdered after their honeymoon, leaving their family devastated. The situation takes a turn when an injured man shows up at their doorstep – a man who is very likely the murderer.

5. Unbelievable

Based on a true story, the miniseries follows the series of rapes that were committed from 2009 to 2011 in Washington State and Colorado. When teenager Marie Adler reports that she was raped, she finds herself in a situation where the police don’t believe her due to a lack of evidence and loopholes in her statement. The miniseries also follows two detectives who are investigating a series of disturbingly similar crimes. The series also subtly explores the lasting impact of sexual violence on the victims.

6. Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster tv show scene

Suranne Jones stars in the titular role. Dr. Gemma Foster suspects that her husband is having an affair. As she investigates further and digs deeper, she discovers some mysterious secrets and revelations.

7. The Sinner

Bill Pullman stars as a police detective who solves the crimes and also attempts to uncover the culprits’ motives. The show has three seasons, with the only Pullman appearing all three. Each season follows a different case and acts as a standalone series.

8. Happy Valley

This crime drama series stars Sarah Lancashire in the lead role as a detective who is coming to terms with her daughter’s suicide. She leads a team of officers to solve a kidnapping, unaware that the man responsible for her daughter’s rape is the kidnapper himself.

9. Homicide: Life On The Street

A fast-paced police procedural drama that follows the brutal detective work in a homicidal department in Baltimore. Andre Braugher (of Brooklyn Nine-Nine fame) stars in the lead role of the series and won an Emmy for his performance.

10. Young Wallander

Young Wallander tv show scene

The series follows rookie detective Kurt Wallander as he solves his first case. The series also focuses on his personal and professional life as he attempts to balance them.

These police procedural series will keep you entertained and glued to the television screens. Perhaps you may get some inspiration from them and become a detective yourself? Who knows! Happy Watching!

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