Top 10 TV Shows to Watch If You Liked Bad Blood

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Bad Blood is one of the best crime dramas to come out of Canada. The bi-lingual series remained on air for two seasons. But it was enough for the fans to recognize the brilliance of the series. Based on a book by Antonio Nicaso and Peter Edwards, the series follows the graph of the Rizzuto crime family.

The first season is a dramatic reproduction of the book, with the final season being fictional. It is based on real events, and the show delivers some powerful acting performances. Taking you across Canada, the series ticks all the boxes. And if you were looking for a few other shows like Bad Blood, then you are in luck.

The Wire

The Wire TV Show Poster

The city of Baltimore is a divided place. The drug cartels and law enforcement are having a hard time. During its five seasons, the show goes deep into the bureaucracy, injustice, and politics. Strewn together are some noteworthy performances from several famous faces today.


It gets as bad as it could be for Malcolm. Doing a favor to a local drug dealer jeopardizes his entire life and career. Packed with some intense moments, the film gets regular injections of laughter. This maintains the pace of the series in the future and does not allow the viewers to be bored.

The Inmate

The Inmate TV Show Poster

The series aired for just 13 episodes in 2018. And judging from the results, it seems short. A U.S Marine as an inmate infiltrates a prison. His objective is to retrieve the abducted daughter of a U.S Judge. Tense and masterfully scripted, the series is a must-watch.


The series made its debut last year. It features Malcolm- an American hunted by the authorities. Managing to flee across the border, he becomes entangled in the drug cartel in Mexico. With the series being far from over, now is a great time to get hooked to it.

El Chapo

El Chapo TV Show Poster

The series is about the Mexican drug lord- Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera. Notorious throughout the final decades of the last century, the show plots his rise and fall. The show takes several creative liberties. But those never fail to hit hard. Thrilling and satisfying to watch, it is a worthy commitment to make.

Sons of Anarchy

There is nothing that does not go right for the series. From its screenplay to every single soundtrack featured. The series is an absolute win. The film focus on Jax is trying to align his criminal life with his son. The show delivers on some incredibly realistic character arcs that will make you keep on re-watching the show.

Dogs of Berlin

Dogs of Berlin TV Show Poster

The German series airing on Netflix is a must-watch. It begins innocently enough with two officers investigating the murder of a footballer. But as the underworld begins to get involved, the dimensions of the show changes. A wonderfully nuanced show, catch the series on Netflix.


Hache is a tale of ambition and determination. Taking place in Barcelona in the 60s, the story revolves around Helena. She quickly wins over the local drug lord. With her eyes set at the top, Helena begins her climb upwards. Cold and measured, the first season concluded last year with season 2 expected to release in 2020.


Narcos TV Show Poster

There can’t be a list of crime thrillers without including Narcos. Narrating the life of Pablo Escobar, the series has earned itself a special status. It is menacing and emphatic in its portrayal of the drug cartel. The show’s success has helped it to branch out into a spin-off series, which is also a must-watch.


The show is a fascinating watch. From the top, the Ray-burns appear to be an extremely common family. Well-respected and dignified, they seem to be an essential member of their community. But little does anyone know about their chequered past.

Crime thrillers and crime dramas are always an entertaining bunch. above all, it is always interesting to dive deep into the worlds of these criminal masterminds. While certain series like Breaking Bad gets a deserved recognition, many alike misses out. Similarly, this list can be the start of an extraordinary journey to begin streaming such shows.

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