Tomb Raider Untitled What is Release Date? and All Updates

Tomb Raider movie cast poster

The fans of Tom Raider shouldn’t think of it as the end yet. The franchise is waiting to spring right back very soon in the coming years. Lara Croft, after all these years, will return with the reboot of the 2018 Tom Raider’s franchise. Ben Wheatly is the chosen one for the direction of the new untitled Tomb Raider release. Vikander’s Tomb Raider movie was much better than the first two releases.

Here are all details related to the Tomb Raider Untitled movie.

Tomb Raider Untitled Release Date

As per the reports, the making of the movie is already in motion. Lara Croft, on a hunt for treasure, will be seen saving and dodging bullets. The release date of the movie is March 19, 2021. There are still doubts surrounded by this fact as the global situations standstill right now. The shifting of dates will be made known to people as and when the franchise harps on the news. Let’s hope this upcoming movie will provide some extraordinary impacts on fans.

What is the Cast List of Tomb Raider Untitled?

Alicia Vikander will obviously take up the role of Lara Croft. Likewise, one can expect Kristin Scott Thomas to return as Ana Miller if the plot picks up from the ending of the previous movie.

We won’t see any more of Dominic West as, according to the last movie plot, he sacrificed himself to save his daughter Lara. Villain Mathias Vogel, enacted by Walton Goggins as well, died in the first movie, which cancels his return. The show can expect the return of Daniel Wu as Lu Ren. He was the ship caption who escaped from Yamatai and helped Lara find her father. Angelina Jolie might as well make an appearance.

What can the Reboot of Tomb Raider Provide to the Viewers this Time?

The last Tomb Raider movie has a mixed review in its hood. The cast appreciates the film. However, the cast did not well fit the characters. The direction itself was empty and lacked depth. The franchise had to change the position of the director from the previous movie of To Raider. Ben Wheatly’s entry as the director is good news, perhaps. He has been previously appreciated for his low budget movies standing up to most of the credibility, now with this high budget “Tomb Raider” movie, and it is to see what much he can do.

Writer Amy Luck has happened to work with Wheatly in the past for many goof screenings, which double the chance of the reboot being a bang on release. And the duo together will definitely bring out the best of the video game in the form of a movie.

One must undoubtedly wait until Marc 19, 2020, to see the expected success of the movie. Hollywood has rarely been good with video game adaptations. Maybe with the company of Wheatley, Jump, and Vikander, Tomb Raider Untitled might actually turn out to be good. Fans have a lot of expectations winded up with the new reboot. Let’s see where it takes them to.

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