Gaming Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Release Date & Gameplay Updates

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One Release Date & Gameplay Updates

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There are numerous fans of detective novels, series, and films, but did you know that detective games’ fan base is also huge enough? Yes, Frogwares is coming back with another detective game, also dedicated to the famous Arthur Conan Doyle novels, Sherlock Holmes.

The company is known for the best works of Sherlock Holmes in the form of the game Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Now it is coming back with a new game Sherlock Holmes: chapter One. This new game is a prequel to the sherlock series.

It talks about a young sherlock who is 21 years old and returns to his hometown. Here is everything you need to know about the new game before its release.

What is the setting of Sherlock Holmes: chapter one?

The game is set in the Mediterranean Island and not the prominent London. The story takes place in the beautiful setting of the island with numerous crime and social inequality among Ottoman descendants and British citizens. A setting overview video by Frogwares in the Gamescom trailer gives insight into the island’s setting and multiple other things.

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The makers wanted to give the detective a different yet beautiful place to show off his skills and explore various mysteries.

What is going to be the gameplay of Sherlock Holmes: chapter one?

There is not much available on what the gameplay of Sherlock Holmes: chapter one is going to be. Still, the makers say that they want the players to dive into the storyline and use their minds to solve various mysteries in Sherlock’s role.

The players will have a disguise and other essential elements of the game to help throughout. The new game is also featuring sherlock’s friend Jonathan from his hometown.

Is the trailer for Sherlock Holmes chapter one out yet?

Yes, there is an attractive trailer available for Sherlock Holmes: chapter one. According to Frogwares, who are also the developers of the game, the storyline and the plot will be interesting. The events will also follow some from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes games.

There will also be an element of combat and a whole lot of investigation to do. The trailer also shows that it will be a completely new story about Sherlock and will be equally thrilling as its other games.

When is Sherlock Holmes: chapter one going to release?

The game will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and all the other next-generation consoles. It is still in its development and research stages, so the game is going to take a little time to be available.

The community manager and producer of Frogwares, Sergey Ioganesyan, in an interview, says that the game is going to take over a year to be out. The coronavirus pandemic was also causing some hindrances in the development, but now it is all set to release soon.

Speculation suggests that Sherlock Holmes: chapter one will be available by 2021, but no official update is out.

This new game is not only thrilling, but all the news about it is equally impressive. Frogwares is a premium company for the Sherlock Home games. So that is sure that fans will not face any disappointment with Sherlock Holmes: chapter one.

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