Why Jungle Cruise is Delayed? What’s Update on Cast, and Plot

Jungle Cruise Movie Poster

Jungle Cruise is one of the major attractions of Disney Land. To promote the interest, Disney proposed a strategy of filming a movie based on the attraction, back in 2004. The project finally came to reality on May 14, 2018, when the shooting for the film started in Hawaii. The filming is done but faced many unexpected delays in release. But after all the struggles and uncertainties, the movie is finally ready to release on big screens.

Here is everything about the upcoming Jungle Cruise movie, including the cast, release date, trailer, and the plot of the film.

When will it Release and Where will it be Available?

Jungle Cruise experienced a lot of delays in its release. The film is assuming to come out a year ago on October 11, 2019, before it gets postponed to July 24, 2020. Due to the global pandemic, there is a delay in the filming of the movie. Jungle Cruise will now release on July 30, 2021. Jungle Cruise was going to release on Disney plus in the year 2021 before the COVID 19 virus hit the world. But currently, there is no information available about the release of the film on Disney Plus. However, Jungle Cruise is the property of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and will hit the big screens on the scheduled date.

What is the Cast of the Upcoming Movie?

Disney announced casting Dwayne Johnson for the role back in August 2015. Emily Blunt joined the cast in January 2018. Jaume Collet-Serra took the part of the director of the film in July 2017.

Here is the cast of the upcoming movie i.e. Dwayne Johnson, as Frank and Emily Blunt as Lily Houghton, are the main protagonists of the film. Others include Jack Whitehall as McGregor Houghton, Paul Giamatti as Brooks, Andy Nyman as Sir James Hobbs-Cunningham, and Simone Lockhart as Anna. The movie also stars Édgar Ramírez, Jesse Plemons, Quim Gutiérrez, Veronica Falcón, and Dani Rovira in unknown roles.

What do We Know from the Trailer?

The first trailer came out in August 2019 and the second trailer in March 2020. The trailer shows the fantastic and boastful CGI technology of Disney and the part of the plot of the movie. The wide-angle shots and CGI of the Jungle, wild animals, and even pirates are fantastic. Moreover, the trailer shows the comic, adventurous theme of the film.

What is the Plot of the Movie?

The movie revolves around Lily, who takes a trip into a jungle to find the Tree of Life. Guide by her little brother and a riverboat captain, Frank, Lily is set to find the Tree of Life, which possesses healing powers and could change the world. However, they must face and fight many enemies and dangers of the Jungle before they can reach the Tree of Life.

Jungle Cruise has already successfully excited the fans enough. This is the fourth time Dwayne Jhonson will act in a nature-related adventure movie. The other similar movies include Journey to Mystery Island and the Jumanji reboot starring Dwayne Johnson. Make sure to watch this fantastic film on its release.