Top 10 Mind Boggling TV Shows Like Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley TV Show Poster

Binge-watching Television shows no trend nowadays. However, it is the best way to pass leisure time. Silicon Valley is one of the notable television series. The television series shows us the struggle of Richard Hendricks, who is a silicon valley engineer. With this, he also tries to build his own company called Pied Piper. Furthermore, this television show some additional television show is also there which will provide the same significance. The notable shows are The Big Bang Theory, Futurama, The Conners, Dexter’s Laboratory, Drake & Josh, Eureka, The Flash, Mom, Stranger Things, Comic Book Men.

Stranger Things

 Stranger Things TV Show Poster

It is an American science fiction series. The series is about a young boy who goes missing. However, his friends, family, and local police search for him. But in the end, they have information that some extraordinary supernatural powers are involved in this.

The Big Bang Theory

 The Big Bang Theory TV Show Poster

This television series provides viewers with an explanation about how the universe is formed and some other theories of it.


Futurama TV Show Poster

The story is about a boy who freezes himself on 31st December 1999. However, he wakes up thousand-year later in the future. After waking up, he has experienced specific changes and some adventure in his way.

The Conners

 The Conners TV Show Poster

The series is about a family who is struggling to get a limited household income after a tragic incident. For this, they were forced to face these daily struggles of life.

Dexter’s Laboratory

The story of this series is about a genius boy and his annoying sister. Nonetheless, the boy has a secret laboratory in his room, and his parents were unaware of this laboratory. Genndy Tartakovsky has created the series.

Drake & Josh

The show is all about two stepbrothers. The series shows us that Drake is a famous musician, whereas Josh is a well-educated student and has some problems in his social life. In the end, they involved in a comedic challenge and ended up to be each other best brothers.


The series is about a king of Syracuse, Hiero. However, he wanted to wear the world’s most extensive gold crown. But eventually, at that time, it was proved that there was more silver than gold at that moment.

The Flash

The Flash TV Show Poster

The show is about Barry Allen, who wakes up after nine months struggling with coma. After waking up, he meets Cisco Ramon and Harrison Wells. Later he discovers that he has some unpredictable powers.


The show is about a daughter-mother duo Christy and Bonnie Plunket. Both of them were struggling with addiction, and we’re attempting to be in their relationships together.

Comic Book Men

Comic Book Men is about Kevin Smith of New Jersey, who discovers the collection of comic books. However, the viewers have liked this movie a lot.

This list of the television series will clear the viewer’s idea about television series. Each one of us follows the trend of binge-watching. So to have a proper suggestion is essential and we are sure enough that this list will help you a lot.