Top 10 Mind Boggling TV Shows Like Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV Show Poster

Buffy is a high school student with a massive misfortune of her side by profession of a vampire Slayer. It is is an American supernatural drama. If one favors Buffy The Vampire Slayer for a binge, the following shows might be a matter of interest.

Here is the list of the shows fans might enjoy watching them.


Crazyhead TV Show Poster

Storytelling focusing on the character Amy (Cara Theobold). However, she’s discovering how her best friend is harboring an idiomatic, hell-raised demon. However, she decides to act on it.


Supernatural TV Show Poster

A successful run of fourteen seasons, Supernatural is a much watch. In contrast, the show focuses on Brothers Dean(Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) unraveling many dark secrets. Furthermore, the leads follow their father’s footsteps and set out to eliminate monsters, demons, and other supernatural entities that exist on Earth.

 The 100

 The 100 TV Show Poster

John Rothenburg is the developer of the show for The 100. It is a 2014 release post-apocalyptic science fiction drama. At the same time, a massive nuclear conflict has destroyed human existence. 

Where there is hundreds of human beings, who after decades, return to Earth on a spaceship to trace their habitability.


Grimm TV Show Poster

It is an American fantasy drama created by Stephen Carpenter and Jim Kouf. The series lead Nick Burkhardt to find out about his true identity as a demon hunter as he can see monsters and evil forces all around while all others live in peace. Grimm is a show that centers around the protagonist trying to save the world from evil forces.


Lucifer TV Show Poster

Firstly let us conclude that Tom Ellis (Lucifer) is a sensational teen actor. Not for him, the series wouldn’t be this successful. While that said, it is portraying how the devil god is returning to Earth. In this case, ‘Lucifer‘ is lives in Los Angeles. Lastly, he chooses to run a club where his local police involvement is getting trickier with every passing day.


Shadowhunter is a drama series. In the show, you see Katherine McNamara(Clary Fray) discovering new facts on her life. Among the wonders include that she comes from a long line of human-angel hybrids, called Shadowhunters, who hunt demons.

 Teen Wolf

Scott McCall(Tyler Posey) is the protagonist. The series is a tale about a werewolf. His character, who is an awkward teen, turned into a werewolf. At the same time, he adapts, and now his life as a mythical creature commenced.


If one has seen The Original, it shall enjoy this spin-off series Legacies. Legacies are about a hybrid creature Danielle Rose Russell. Here she is the daughter of a werewolf and a vampire. However, her character is seen attending the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted and learns to use and control her supernatural abilities.

The Order

It focuses on students of Belgrave University. However, the show is about Jack Morton. Who is joining a fabled secret society known as Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose?

While the plot explores that he is seeking avenge for his mother’s death.

Here ‘The Order‘ is a story focusing on students of Belgrave University. In contrast, the show focuses on Jack Morton’s character joining a fabled secret society known as the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. 

The Vampire Diaries

This show has massively slaying TV screens for eight seasons. In the show, one sees Nina Dobrev’s character is discovering vampires. While the series, you see how vampires are swiftly making their existence. While being unnoticed.

In the article, you will find shows that belong to the same grouping of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. One can quickly get through the boredom of the quarantined period while watching all the above-suggested shows.