Gaming Homeworld 3 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer and Storyline

Homeworld 3 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer and Storyline

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After longing for a while now, the Homeworld series is back. Thereby the famous video game series shall launch its third installment. In this case, the games’ details of the story and gameplay in Homeworld 3 are frustrating fans. In the first place, Homeworld was out to release in 1999. So then followed by Homeworld 2 in 2003. For instance, time, there is a considerable wait for Homeworld’s third installment.

Here is a game on Science Fiction following the Kushans story. In brief, Kushans seek refuge in Kharak as their home planet is destroyed. Finally, the Kushans story concludes as they travel back to their home planet, reclaiming it from the Taiidan.

Homeworld 3 Release Date:

Finally, Homeworld 3 unraveled in 2019. Afterward, it awakened the show from more than a decade and a half of deep sleep. Also, fans should know that the Homeworld series’s keys have now moved from Sierra to Gearbox. Under the last year’s announcement for Homeworld 3 at PAX West.

Lastly, there is no official release date for Homeworld 3. Usually, the developers on the game keep posting follow-ups once the game is out. In this case, the dates have been dwindling. However, one expects the game will be released in 2022 somewhere.

Homeworld 3 Storyline:

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In short, the initial game revolves around the story of a humanoid race named the Kushan. There the protagonist finds a ship capable of navigating hyperspace and uses it to invade their long-lost Homeworld, Hiigara. However, things changed in Homeworld 2, where their planet under attack. After capturing Hiigara at the end of the first game, they must pursue a new journey to save it.

Homeworld 3 Gameplay:

Thereby there aren’t any official leaks regarding the story. Hence no Homeworld 3 gameplay specifications exist as of yet. Although fans have a fair share idea about it all. Likewise, knowing that they plan to follow in the footsteps of the rest of the series. Thus meaning more fights in space, using three-dimensional technology in real-time tactics. With the aspects of the Homeworld series, popular RTS games like Command and Conquer didn’t stand a chance.

Also, the game creators said,” It is our goal to have ballistics be the primary method of the ship to ship fight in Homeworld 3. Fans should get a goal for all ships to function on projectile-based ballistics. While that they can fully simulate in a perfect way, which in turn will benefit the game and increase the significance of the gameplay in several ways. Ships will shoot at vessels, and even if another ship blocks the target’s view, the weapon one holds keeps firing. In the game troops will have the ability to block incoming fire for other ships. Along the ways that consist of either sacrificing themselves to save a more valuable unit or to make use of their heavier armor or the newly introduced higher health pool to protect more vulnerable ships.”

Finally, the article sums upon the development of the new Homeworld 3. And they are providing recap on the insights of the Homeworld series. Until more information on the gameplay and definite release date, fans could refresh their minds with the first two installments.

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