Altered Carbon Season 3 When will It be Coming Out, and All Update

Altered Carbon Season 3 TV Show Poster

Altered Carbon is a cyberpunk science fiction drama. The inspiration for the show is from the author Richard K Morgan’s novel of the same name. After the thrilling second season, fans were looking for updates on the third one.

But it looks like Season 3 of altered carbon is not going to reach our screen anytime soon. However, here is everything to know about the show.

Why is altered carbon season 3 not returning?

There is news that due to an unexpected price rise in the budget of the show, it is getting difficult to renew it. Apart from that, there is uncertainty as to when filming and production will start. The release dates are also becoming a problem due to the ongoing pandemic.

The standard viewership of the show is also low when comparing it to the review process of the budgets. The vice president of Netflix, Cindy Holland, says that the most important question while renewing any show is whether the series is getting the right viewership in accordance with the costs of production. However, popular Altered Carbon is, it was not able to meet the cost of production. The other factors such as fanbase, ratings do play a role but not as much as viewership.

What story is the third season going to follow if it ever comes back on screen?

There is no official update on the plot for Season 3 of altered carbon due to the cancellation. But the ending of season 2 is opening doors to a whole lot of fan theories. Interviews with prominent people from the show are also helping fans to understand the storyline that season 3 is going to follow.

One of them is going to be the prominence of elders because people understand their role better. The elders’ Technology will be of vital importance in the coming seasons. The events of season 2 can see the impact on the Harlan world. The planet that has the elder orbitals faces a giant explosion, and now there is a gaping hole, something that the story is most certainly going to talk about.

Another theory suggests that because season 2 was everything about the inward world where one of the things was going back to Kovac’s home planet. Season 3 can be about the outward world following the revolution of quarrel and the protectorate being out there can be something the story is going. Everyone has to wait until there is any news about the show coming back.

Synopsis of Altered Carbon

The general synopsis of the show is that its inspiration is from a novel by Richard K Morgan, who is a famous British writer. The story follows a former U.N. soldier, Takeshi Kovacs who is now a private investigator. He comes across a murder, and he has to solve it. The events of the show follow after that.

Altered carbon is a successful show, but due to some problems cannot be renewed for a third season as of now. The hindrance is due to the pandemic but also some other issues. The good thing is that the makers have numerous plans for the future seasons of this thrilling drama. There is a huge possibility of some other streaming platforms like Hulu or Amazon. To pursue the show seeing the potential that it has.