Top 10 TV Shows to Watch If You Liked The Fall

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The Fall was a British drama series, which made its debut in the summer of 2013. A psychological thriller, the series made its name for its terrific plot. An intensely gripping manhunt for a killer, the series keeps you hooked. The series takes its time to brew up, but once it does, there is no escape.

Morally convoluted, the series continually poses challenging questions to the viewers. The series aired its last season back in 2016. That had undoubtedly left several fans disappointed. But for those who prefer psychological dramas, the option is not an issue.

So, here is a list of 10 drama series, just like The Fall.

Young Wallander

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Wallander is not a new character. But what the latest Netflix series succeeds in doing is, reinvent him. The first season dropped this year and has shaped into an origin story for the character. Investigating murders, the series draws you from the first episode. And with many more seasons to come, the fun has just begun.


 Marcella TV Show Poster

Directed by Hans Rosenfeldt, the series is dark, violent, and gripping. A London detective comes in pursuit of a serial killer. And discovering one truth after the other, the series toys with your mind. Stream the series on Netflix, as it returned this year with its third season.

Line of Duty

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A procedural drama, Line of Duty is one of the best series ever. Criminally under-rated, the show is unbelievable. The series made its debut in 2014 and is currently filming its sixth season, following the story of D.S. Steve Arnott, the show can’t be missed.

Sex Education

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Away from the darker series, Sex Education is a teen drama. It is fun, it is quirky, and importantly it is truthful. Following Otis-a, a socially awkward high school student, the show packs a punch. It is one of Netflix’s best performing series. Moreover, has earned fans from all over.

The Forest

 The Forest TV Show Poster

The Forest is an engaging series that can lure you in. The series begins with the disappearance of a girl into Ardennes Forest. However, the search for her reveals one secret after another. The show continues to improve as the season progresses. It is adding an extra layer of anticipation in every episode.

One of Us

Netflix continues to impress with its thriller series. One of Us is bizarre, unbelievable, and scary all at the same time. It is a documentary about three Jews from the Hasidic community. The events they narrate are heart-wrenching. And you have to be extremely brave to watch it all in one seating.

Doctor Foster

Doctor Foster is a 2015 British thriller. Gemma Foster begins investigating her husband, suspecting him of betraying her. But she was never prepared for the revelations she would eventually discover. However, entertaining and energetic, the show is an absolute win.

Happy Valley

Happy Valley is a series you would keep coming back to. The show is exceptionally accurate in portraying the life of a law enforcement officer. Sergeant Cawood dedicates herself to make West Yorkshire a better place after the suicide of her daughter. Measured and profoundly moving, the series warms every heart.

The Sinner

The series keeps giving you chills with every new mystery. Detective Ambrose investigates atrocious murders, searching for a reason behind those crimes. Winner of multiple accolades, it is one of the best crime dramas. Moreover, the script is fantastic, and the performances are even better.


The show follows a victim of rape. As the police investigate, a profoundly disturbing pattern develops. Based on a real-life incident, the series never loses a beat. So, this show won’t let you take your eyes off it. I can’t recommend it enough.

Psychological thrillers often make a rabbit come out of the hat. If done right, they can turn out into absolute genius. Nobody can forget Silence of the Lambs or Hannibal. Just like them, these series are bound to give you chills down your spine.

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