Top 10 Movies to Watch If You Liked Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Movie Poster

Sherlock Holmes is a character from the Novel of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes doesn’t need any introduction. Over the years, there have been may on-screen adaptions of Sherlock Holmes.

So, Here is a list of the top 10 Mind Blogging movies like Sherlock Holmes.


Zodiac cast Movie Poster

Starring a fantastic cast of Robert Downey Jr, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Mark Ruffalo, Zodiac is based on real-life events of a serial killer active around the 1960s and 1970s. Famously known as Zodiac killer, it follows the life of a cartoonist who becomes obsessed with solving the puzzle of the killer and helping solve the murder.


 Se7en Movie Poster

Se7en came out in 1995 and starred Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as main characters. The movie revolves around two detectives who follows the case of a serial killer, who uses the seven deadly sins as his motives. The seven deadly sins are GLUTTONY, SLOTH, GREED, PRIDE, LUST, WRATH, and ENVY.

L.A. Confidential

 L.A. Confidential Movie Poster

L.A. Confidential is a 1997 crime thriller movie. The movie has excellent critics review and also an Oscar to its name. The film is set in the year 1950 and follows three detectives in the corrupt L.A. Force. They use their separate ways to solve a mystery of numerous shotgun killings in the city.

The Maltese Falcon

 The Maltese Falcon Movie Poster

This black & white, noir mystery film came out in 1941 and has scored 100% on the Rotten Tomatoes review. The movie follows a private detective who takes on the case of a beautiful lady, who asks him to protect her in exchange for money. But as the plot moves ahead, the detective soon realizes that the lady is not what she seems and that there is something fishy going on.

Angels and Demons

 Angels and Demons Movie Poster

The movie is about a symbologist and psychist who joins a murder and unravel a world-threatening conspiracy. They soon discover that four altars of science are executed by an assassin of a group called Illuminati and the existence of a weapon of mass destruction that could kill millions.

Gone Baby Gone

The movie revolves around two detectives who are partners – both professionally and personally. However, a maternal uncle and aunt hire them to find their kidnapped four-year-old niece, whose mother is a drug dealer. They soon find themselves in moral crises, and new problems start arising in the relationship- both professional and personal.


Brick is a 2005 criminal drama movie that received excellent reviews from the critics. The story revolves around a teenage boy who finds his ex-girlfriend dead, whom he still loves. With the help of his friend, he tries to decipher the clues ‘Brick’ and ‘Pin.’ As he unravels the mystery forward, he starts finding the motives of her death and plan revenge against a big teen-drug ring.


The movie revolves around a man who wakes up from the coma and finds out that his identity is miss. He sets on a path to prove himself with the help of a young woman.

Dirty Harry

Police Inspector Harry Callahan is assigned a task to find a serial killer named ‘Scorpion Killer.’ In other words, the killer is a psychopath who kills women and takes pleasure in doing so.

Primal Fear

A defence attorney gets a chance of being in a spotlight after a young 16-year-old boy is charged with murdering a beloved Bishop. But he soon finds out that there is more to both the crime and the convicted boy as he slowly uncovers the deep mysteries.

So, here are some really exciting, interesting, overwhelming, movies and you are going to love watching each one of them.