Top 10 Movies to Watch If You Liked Safe House

Safe House Movie Poster

Since its release in 2012, Safe House has been admired by fans and critics alike. The movie does a great job of hiding its aces until the last moment. In a surprising turn of events, fans are left gasping for their breath. The film keeps on challenging the morality of its characters. And the tension it creates is palpable.

Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds are impressed by their roles. At the same time, the film climbed to box office success. It is a definite watch for the fans of the genre.

And if you are looking for a few more movies like this, the following list could be of help.

Jason Bourne

 Jason Bourne Movie Poster

Jason Bourne was the final chapter in the Bourne series. Starring Matt Damon, the series has the quality to challenge even James Bond. Despite the events of the last film, Bourne is kill once again by the CIA. As his friends turn into foe, the film becomes Jason’s bid for survival.

The Equalizer

 The Equalizer Movie Poster

The Equalizer is a film not to be missed by any action movie enthusiasts. Starring Denzel Washington, the film was always destined for success. A two-hour-long thrill ride, the film never misses out on the action. Forced by the events in his life, a former Marine take to the streets. There is no need to say any further.

The Bourne Ultimatum

 The Bourne Ultimatum Movie Poster

The Bourne series is making a second appearance on the list. And it certainly merits fame. Making his third appearance as a former CIA agent, Damon nails the role. Hunted by the CIA, Bourne is fighting out of his league to prove his innocence. Packed to the brim with mind-bending action and stunts, the film is a great watch.

The Bourne Identity

 The Bourne Identity Movie Poster

A series has to be truly great, to deserve this fanfare. The Bourne Identity started it all by introducing the world to this amnesiac CIA agent. Coming back to senses after a severe accident, Bourne has no memory of his past. The film sees him searching for his identity with just his reflexes to trust. Follow him as he uncovers some bitter truths.


Salt Movie Poster

The movie will win the hearts of every action thriller film buff. In a non-stop mode for action, the plot revolves around CIA agent Evelyn Salt. In an unfortunate turn of events, she gets blamed for assassinating the Russian President. Events unfold as she tries to cleanse her name by discovering the real culprits.

Body of Lies

The movie marks a return for Leonardo DiCaprio in this genre. And the Academy Award impress quickly. A CIA agent, he plans to seize a terrorist alongside Jordanian Intelligence. But things are never as easy as it seems. The film has some brilliant acting and an excellent script to keep viewers hooked till the last moment.

The Bourne Legacy

Despite Jeremy Renner replacing Damon, the film delivers big time. The CIA has some deep and dark secrets to hide. As a reporter finds out above them, her life is in danger. Unfolding simultaneously is the life of Aaron Cross. To know how their paths cross, there is no way to miss the film.


Starring Mark Wahlberg and Kate Mara, the film keeps on delivering. A sniper starts to discover the killer behind the assassination of the US President. But tables turn around swiftly, as he stares down the barrel. Never missing the cue, the film leaves viewers satisfied.

Killer Elite

The film is based on the popular 1991 movie with the same name. Roping in some big names, the film delivers on every step of the path. A tale of retribution, the film sees a former assassin risking his life to save the life of his mentor. Whether he succeeds can only be said after watching the movie.


Releasing in 2010, the film stars names like Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman. So, of course, it was going to be great. Running for his life, a former black-ops agent reunites with his old team. The film sees the old guard rising against the young threats in an epic fight.

Action movies can be relied upon for a quick entertainment fix. There have been some great movies in the past few decades. The list features some of those names. But even among this clustered genre, sometimes gems come along. The list shows just that. So there cannot be any reason for missing them.

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