Top 10 TV Shows to Watch Like K-Drama Something in Rain

K-Drama Something in Rain Poster

If you are willing to cross the one-inch subtitle barrier, there is a whole new world of shows and movies waiting to be explored. K-Dramas in recent years has become widely popular owing to their well-worn tropes and fresh narratives that are tinged with string emotions. Something in Rain is one of the better-known shows among K-Dramas and if you have already watched it, here are ten more shows like it. 

1. One Spring Night

 One Spring Night TV Show Poster

The original title for the show is Bombam. It is a story about a couple in the 30s who now must think about marriage, but when they do talk about it, they explore and understand their love in a whole new way. 

2. Memories of Alhambra

 Memories of Alhamara TV Show Poster

Originally titled Alhambeura Goongjeonui Chooeik, it follows Yoo Jin-woo, CEO of an investment company. He goes to Spain to meet the creator of a game but rather finds creator’s sister Jung Hee-joo, the owner of the hotel he stays at. They both entangled in mysterious incidents, and the line between real-world and Artificial Reality becomes slim. 

3. Crash Landing on You

 Crash Landing on You TV Show Poster

It is a cross-border story of romance, far more complex than the usual rom-com. A woman from South Korea crash lands in North Korea while paragliding and a North Korean officer Ri Jeong-Hyeok finds her. The rest is an interesting drama where he tries to hide her and send her home. 

4. Romance is a Bonus Book 

 Romance is a Bonus Book  TV Show Poster

Earlier known as How To Publish Love. The titles itself gives away some hints about its theme. Cha Eun-ho is an ingenious writer and the youngest ever chief editor at his publishing company. He meets his childhood friend, Kang Dan Yi, a former popular copywriter who now has a life of hardships. She lies about her background and starts working in Cha Eun’s building. They slowly come close and a wonderful love story flowers. 

5. Was it Love?

This is a drama about a single mother who has been out of the dating circle for 14 years. A successful producer now, she faces a dilemma of choosing among four men – the best-selling author, a popular actor, a PE teacher, and a CEO of a financial company. 

6. Love Alarm

 Love Alarm TV Show Poster

Love Alarm has a futuristic approach towards love which provides a unique plot to it. It revolves around a new technology that enables users to get notified when someone within 10 meters radius has romantic feelings for the user. It was Netflix’s one of the top shows of 2019 and a huge commercial success. 

7. My First First Love

It is a remake of the 2015 show My First Time. Five friends of Yun Tae-o, a college student, suddenly move in with him due to their personal circumstances. Living together, they all explore their messy encounters with the concept of first love. 

8. The Light In Your Eyes

The drama received great critical acclaim and is considered one of the greatest of all times. It realistically portrays the hardships faced by common people. Kim Hye-ja suddenly becomes a 70-year-old woman who surprisingly gains the ability to manipulate time. She meets a dull and lethargic man, a complete opposite of her and a love story begins between them. 

9. Tempted 

This one is loosely based on a French novel by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos titled Les Liaisons. The story might be a bit cliched with this one. A rich brat Kwon Shi-Hyun bets with his friends to woo a hardworking college girl Eun Tae-hee. While doing so, he gradually starts feeling for her, and thus love begins. 

10. Mr Sunshine 

It is a period drama set in Hanseong in the early 1900s during the fight for Korea’s independence. Mr Sunshine is among one of the highest-rated television series and received critical acclaim for its cinemat6and storytelling. It is about a Korean boy who comes back to his homeland as an American officer and falls in love with Ae-sin. Ae-sin tries to figure out if the officer is really what he says he is while slowly diving into love. 

Once you start exploring these shows, the K-Drama world captures you into it. Most likely there’s no coming back from it unless you watch all the must-watch shows in this list. Also, it feels good to explore new cultures; it doesn’t matter if it’s only on screen.