Top 10 Movies to Watch If You Liked Wanted

The action-thriller starring Angelina Jolie in the lead role landed on the mark. Based on a comic book series, the film had a successful release. The film was often relentless in action sequences and never running out of steam. And that was definitely why the film became so endearing with the fans.

The story is about Wesley Gibson. He uncovers the true identity of his father as an assassin and decides to follow his footsteps. It is a quick fix for someone looking for two hours of action. Otherwise, the following list of action-thrillers might serve the purpose as well.

1. Salt

Salt Movie Poster

The film is a winner for every action thriller film buff. In a non-stop mode for action, the film is centred around CIA agent Evelyn Salt. Despite her brilliance, tables turn when she is blamed for trying to assassinate Russian President. Events unfold as she tries to cleanse her name by discovering the real culprits.

2. Hitman

 Hitman Movie Poster

The popular gaming series forms the inspiration for this movie. Tasked with killing his target, Agent-47 kills his lookalike. That results in a cat and mouse chase by Interpol and Russian intelligence for him. The only winner in this movie is the audience, for there is never a dull moment in the film.

3. Body of Lies

 Body of Lies Movie Poster

The movie marked a successful venture for Leonardo DiCaprio in this genre. He plans to seize a terrorist alongside Jordanian Intelligence. But things quickly take a sour turn as Roger Ferris finds out. The film has some brilliant acting and a good script to keep viewers hooked till the last moment.

4. Max Payne

 Max Payne Movie Poster

The Max Payne game series turned out to be brilliant for Rockstar Games. The movie was an exotic attempt to recreate the charm of the action gaming franchise. The film teams up an unlikely duo to tackle the corrupted police and mob of the city. Despite its flaws, the movie does not skip out on actions. And it is a fun watch.

5. John Wick

 John Wick Movie Poster

The 2014 action movie starring Keanu Reeves has earned itself a legendary status. The success of the film has resulted in a sprawling franchise. There is nothing to not love about the movie. From its immaculately suited assassins to its gunfights. The film is an excuse for an adrenaline rush, but certainly, no one is going to complain.

6. Safe

Starring Jason Statham, the movie is an action fest. Luke has suffered the loss of his wife. Now, he needs to save Mei from the gangsters responsible for the death of his wife. With Mei being the key to massive safe, things are not easy for Luke. The film is entertaining in every respect and a fun ride.

7. Kill Bill

The Quentin Tarantino film deserves a museum of its own. Especially considering the impact, it has had on films of the last two decades. Telling the story of The Bride, Tarantino blends in Eastern and Western action styles brilliantly. The result is an epic and memorable film franchise.

8. Point of No Return

The classic film is a must-watch for action lovers. Filled with never-ending sequences of actions, the film is centred around Maggie. She gets a death sentence for killing a cop. But gets a second chance as an assassin working for the Government. It does not get better than that.

9. Lucy

Saying Lucy was a success would be an understatement. The film can be regarded as “experimental”, but its reaction shows fans took it to heart. As a nootropic drug enter the bloodstream of Lucy, she gets powered with psychokinetic abilities. With an epic final scene, the movie had what the audience was looking for.

10. Elektra

Elektra was based on the superhero from the comics. It was supposed to be a spinoff of Daredevil. Sent on a mission to kill a man and his daughter, she decides otherwise. The character appears to be far off from her portrayals in the comics. Even then, the movie has lots of action to keep you entertained.

Action movies have always been a great way of getting entertainment easily. The list features here assure of that fact. But even among this clustered genre sometimes gems come along. And no one can afford to miss them.

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