Top 10 Movies to Watch If You Liked Gone Girl

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Gone Girl was, in many ways a classic thriller. The film had its audience on the edge of their seats for its entire runtime. It banged at the box office and showed the quality of David Fincher, as a director. The film received much critical acclaim for its cinematography and music.

The story starts with a couple. Everything runs smoothly until the wife goes missing on the day of their fifth anniversary. What follows is an intriguing journey of exploring human psychology. And if you are a fan of psychological thrillers then great news. Here is a list of 10 movies to watch if you liked Gone Girl.

1. A Simple Favor

 A Simple Favor Movie Poster

Popular among moviegoers, the film made its release in 2018. A crime thriller, the mystery surrounds the disappearance of Emily. Stunned, her friend takes it upon herself to get to discover the truth behind it all. The film is never simple, and fans seem to agree on that.

2. Nightcrawler

 Nightcrawler Movie Poster

Starring Jake Gyllenhall, the film has a distorted sense of justice. Lou drives around the city at night, recording vicious events. He sells this footage to local television in exchange for money, seemingly unbothered about his moral responsibility. The story takes a turn when he discovers an incident of a triple homicide.

3. The Girl on the Train

 The Girl on the Train Movie Poster

Based on Paula Hawkins 2015 novel, the film is centred around a middle-aged, broken and divorced woman Rachel. Every morning while commuting, she sees a woman on her balcony, until one day she goes missing. Desperate to find something worth living for Rachel jumps into unearthing the mystery of her disappearance.

4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Movie Poster

It is the much famed 2011 film starring, Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara. Based on Stieg Larsson’s novel, the film is centred around the disappearance of a girl 40 years back. A twisted tale of family drama, the film never disappoints with the actors giving a sensational performance in their roles.

5. Prisoners

Prisoners Movie Poster

The film is a father’s desperation of finding his daughter and her friend. The police fail to track them, so he takes up the duty on himself. What he discovers next can only be understood if seen on-screen. A brilliantly told tale, the film is a win on every front, and a must-watch.

6. Gone Baby Gone

Searching for a four-year-old girl quickly goes astray. As the detective make one after another bone-chilling discovery. A noir thriller, the film received much admiration from the critics on its release. The film is awfully true in its portrayal of society. And questions the morality at every step.

7. Shutter Island

A Scorcese classic, you won’t know what to trust even when the credits start rolling. Released in 2010, the film is not easy to comprehend on the first watch. Deputy U.S. Marshal Daniels visits Shutter Island to investigate a psychiatric facility. But things unravel quickly, and there is no one whom you can believe.

8. Zodiac

Starring actors like Robert Downey Jr, Mark Ruffalo and Jake Gyllenhall, the movie delivers on its promise. It is based on a 1986 novel by Robert Graysmith. The film tells the unsuccessful search for the serial killer from Los Angeles. Though a nerve-wracking watch, you can never take your eyes off it.

9. Memento

Christopher Nolan is a master film-maker. And he exhibited it once again with the mystery thriller Memento. The film tells the story of amnesiac Leonard Shelby, hunting down the murderer of his wife. Being a Nolan film, it can never be simple. And in its fragmented structure, the film leaves the audience gasping for some breath.

10. Fight Club

This Brad Pitt and Edward Norton stars is a cult classic. Sending into a journey through the minds of its character, the film challenges the tenets of society. It captures the tensions of the world around its release in 1999. And it is a feast for your eyes and mind.

Hollywood has given the world some sensational thrillers. Whether they were based on original stories or fiction, the films never disappointed. The ten mentioned over here are certainly among the best of its kind. And not a single one should be missed.

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