When is Godfall Coming? What’s the Theme of Game?

Godfall Game Poster

Counterplay Games are the developers of Godfall with Gearbox as the publishers. After the official announcement of the game back in 2019 during the Game Award, the excitement amongst people is ever increasing. The recent news suggests that Godfall is also amongst the first games to release of Play Station 5. Godfall is a role-playing game, and here is everything to know before its release.

What is the storyline of Godfall?

Keith Lee, who is the creative director for Godfall, gave a whole lot of insight into the game during an interview. The details that he disclosed were not only useful but are creating further curiosity. The game’s inspiration is from Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Franchise and The Stormlight Archive novel series.

The story will be revolving around Earth and an Apocalyse that it is going to face. The land, air, water, fire, spirit, and Earth are all part of the World that people exist on. The player is going to be in the role of a Knight who is also one of the last survivors of the destruction happening everywhere. The players have to find ways to stop the destruction and save the World from the apocalypse.

The storyline is also going to involve powerful knights, traditional magic, and an entirely new world of fantasy for players to dwell on.

What are details about the Gameplay of Godfall?

The game is a looter-slasher role-playing game, according to its official website. Godfall is going to involve gameplay from the God of War series with Borderlands. The blend is going to be something everyone wants to see. The player has to fight melee battles from the third-person perspective to achieve combats. There is also going to be a huge focus on action, which is going to involve small fights, encounters with powerful enemies, and even battles with stoic bosses.
Apart from the single-player mode, a user can play with friends in the co-op mode till up to three players. There are going to be two melee weapons that the players can keep swapping during battles. A loose adaptation in the gameplay of Godfall is from Monster Hunter World also so the game might involve haptic combat.

The user can also choose from amongst the playable characters in the game to make a self-sufficient character of his own.

When is the game going to release?

There are no official announcements on a release date for Godfall. The current global pandemic is also one of the significant reasons for the delay of the game. The game was going to be out during the holiday season of 2020, with no confirmation on a release date. This was a span of four months from September to December.

Speculations suggest that the game should be out by the end of 2020, but no guarantee on the same is out.

Is there a trailer for Godfall?

Yes, there is an official trailer for Godfall. The Play Station 5 future of gaming event was the one in which the trailer for Godfall was out. The trailer is giving a fair amount of information about the game before its release.

Even before it is out, Godfall is achieving a good number of people in its fanbase. The wait is getting long, and there is anxiety. But rest assured, the game will be successful based on everything that is out so far.