Top 10 Mind Boggling TV Shows Like Supernatural

Supernatural TV Show Poster

It is attributed to some force beyond the scientific understanding of the laws of nature supernatural. If one enjoys a good story about vampires, witches, werewolves, or ghosts. Here is an article about the top ten mind blogging TV shows like Supernatural 


Crazyhead TV Show Poster

A storytelling focusing character Amy(Cara Theobold). Here Amy is discovering how her best friend is harbouring an idiomatic, hell-raised demon. So then she decides to act on it.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer:

Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV Show Poster

Earlier mentioned supernatural beings. For example, Vampires are the first to come in anyone’s mind. In this case, the story is about Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) trying to live everyday life in high school. While embracing her responsibilities and destiny as a hunter of vampires and demons.

The 100:

The 100 TV Show Poster

Here is a science fiction show. Besides that, the shows are about how a massive nuclear exploding decimated civilization. 

Afterwards, a century later, a spaceship accommodating humanity’s lone survivors dispatch 100 juvenile delinquents on earth.


Grimm TV Show Poster

Ordinarily, the show focuses on Occult detective fiction. It mainly portrays Nick Burkhardt, a detective, played by David Giuntoli. At the beginning of the show, you see his character exploring gruesome sights. Furthermore, he is the only person who can seek the vision. While this information cultivates, he also is seen discovering that is a huntsman.


Lucifer  TV Show Poster

Everyone’s beloved Tom Ellis(Lucifer) is a teen sensational. While that said, the show is portraying how the devil god is returning on earth. In this case, ‘Lucifer’ is residing in Los Angeles. Further, he chooses to run a club where his local police involvement is getting trickier with every passing day.


So this one is a drama series. In the show, you see Katherine McNamara(Clary Fray) discovering different surprises on her life. Among the surprises include that she comes from a long line of human-angel hybrids, called Shadowhunters, who hunt demons.

Teen Wolf

A tale about a werewolf. Here the story is about Scott McCall(Tyler Posey), an awkward teen, turned into a werewolf. While he is adapting to the new normal of his life as this mythical creature.


If one has seen The Original, it shall enjoy this spin-off series Legacies. In this case, Legacies is about a hybrid creature. Played by Danielle Rose Russell. Where she is the daughter of a werewolf and a vampire. Further, her character is seen attending the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted and learns to use and control her supernatural abilities.

The Order:

A story was focusing on students of Belgrave University. Here the show is telling about Jack Morton joining a fabled secret society known as Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose.

Further, the plot explores that he is seeking avenge for his mother’s death.

The Vampire Diaries

They are predominantly slaying TV screens for eight seasons. The Vampire Diaries shows Nina Dobrev’s character is discovering vampires. In the series, you see how vampires are swiftly making their existence. While being unnoticed.

In conclusion, the shows mentioned in the lists are raging the TV charts, hence summing up all the reasons why one must watch the shows. 

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