Top 10 Mind Blowing Movies to Watch Like The Bourne

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The plight of spy thriller fans is quite understandable in recent years. For those who look back to the golden age of the 007 movies, things have worked fine so far, but the gap between releases is a bit disappointing. However, The Bourne series redefined the genre at the turn of the century with just the right blend of action, intrigue, and character.

Here are a few more movies to check out which, more or less, evoke the same adrenaline rush you are so eagerly looking for. 

Three Days of the Condor

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With the Bond movies coming almost every other year during the 70s, this one cleverly sneaked in in 1975. Set primarily in New York and Washington DC, the film follows a CIA analyst who one day goes out for a lunch break and, upon return, finds all his colleagues dead. While on the run from hitmen, he must outwit them before he figures out his way through. 


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“I’ll find you, and I will kill you.” 

Sounds familiar? Chances are you might have seen it in some meme because Liam Neeson’s terrifying phone call was a big deal. The Taken trilogy reminds the world that a father’s love for his child should not be ‘taken’ for granted. It shows the power and the extent to which a father goes out to rescue his precious daughter from a crime syndicate. 

Patriot Games

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Before Jack Ryan became a familiar name, credits to Amazon Prime Videos’ hit show based on the character, Patriot Games established the character on screen. Starring Harrison Ford, the story begins with Jack cripples a plan to abduct one of the English Royalty. One of the perpetrators escapes and vows revenge on him. He rejoins the CIA to find him before he hurts his family any further after a failed assassination. 


This movie has one of the best car chase scenes and is quite famous for it. The story is about ex-special operatives who are hired to steal a discreet and highly protected briefcase. The intrigue sets up when loyalties and trickery start to mix up. An intricately woven plot and an ensemble cast make this a fascinating watch. 


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Any discussion related to spy thriller movies would be a disappointing one if it didn’t have the legendry Bong figure in it. Skyfall is the best among the ones Daniel Craig has blessed with. When M16, the secret organization is exposed due to Bond’s misadventure. M puts her trust in Agent 007 to find the threat and eliminate it and defend the tenets of the organization. 


 Unlocked Movie Poster

With the world of espionage thrillers well explored, dive into this one with a certain familiarity of the basic plot around a biological terrorist attack. Several twists and turns in the movie, coupled with the always impeccable performance from Noomi Rapace, make it worth the watch. 


Let’s bring in some authenticity and reality in the genre with MunichIt is based on a true story of what happened in the aftermath of the Black September assassination of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, 1972. A covert team hunts down the perpetrators of the dark day while dodging other intelligence agencies in the world. 

Spy Game

This movie is not an espionage thriller in the true sense of the term; however, it does the job to feature in this list. A soon to retire CIA operative (Robert Redford) finds his protégé captured in China. He goes against the interest of the organization to rescue him (Brad Pitt). 


A good departure of perspective that establishes the two leads of the movie in conflicting light. Traitor questions the loyalty of Samir, a devout Muslim, and a former US soldier turned illegal arms supplier. An FBI agent investigates cases assigned to him and leads to a former colleague, Samir Horn. 

Body of Lies

Based on a novel of the same name by David Ignatius, it stars Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead as a CIA agent. It revolves around the failed attempts of the CIA and the Jordanian intelligence to capture “Al-Salem,” a high profile terrorist. Disagreement upon modus operandi makes things hazy, and soon it takes an ugly turn. 

These action-packed movies promise a delightful watch, enough to keep you hooked for a whole weekend. Happy binge-watching.

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