Top 10 Mind Blowing Movies to Watch Like Fury

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Fury was one of a kind movie. It managed to balance the suspense, drama, and action withing its two-hour runtime. Set in the final year of WWII, the film takes place in Nazi Germany. And through its curated storytelling shows a more realistic face of war, often glossed over by the history books.

The film received much well-earned recognition. And with its star-packed cast, transformed into one of the biggest hits of the year. The film is a brilliant WWII story and earns its place among the best of the genre. If anyone is looking for movies along the same thread as Fury, the following list will help.

Son of Saul

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Son of Saul is the award-winning Hungarian film from director László Nemes. The film is a painful tale about the atrocities against the Jews by the Nazis. Threatened with their own life, Saul is compelled to dispose of the bodies from the gas chambers at Auschwitz. A powerful and moving story, the film shows the infernal depths of the Nazi’s inhumanity. It is not a film for the faintest of hearts.

Sergeant York

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Sergeant York is a classic war film. Releasing in 1941, and the film was based on WWI veteran-Sergeant Alvin York. The movie played a pivotal role in encouraging patriotic fervor among youth as the USA entered WWII after the Pearl Harbour incident. But even after 70 years, the film continues to be a gem among war movies.


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Laura Hillenbrand’s book, Unbroken, inspires the 2014 film: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption. A tale of human grit and integrity, the film did justice to its source material. Despite facing countless adversities, Louis “Louie” Zamperini never gives up on hope. Ultimately the story of this WWII veteran is a great lesson about life as well.

Bridge on the River Kwai

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Bridge on the River Kwai is one of the very best movies of all time. The film bagged seven Academy Awards. It is based on a 1952 novel, telling the story of constructing a railway bridge during WWII. The film merges facts with fiction seamlessly in creating an epic that remains untarnished in glamour till today.

Inglourious Basterds

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The film was Tarantino’s version of retelling the events of WWII. The movie, in typical Tarantino fashion, does not follow linear storytelling. Instead, several events coincide, culminating in the fall of Hitler. Even in its barbarity, Inglourious Basterds has a poetic sense of justice where war is brought to an end, not by bullets but by cinema.


The film is based on Ian McEwan’s novel by the same name. It is a lasting story about war, love, crime, and consequences. The film spans over six decades of events. And during this time, scrolls past critical junctures of the 20th-century world. It has a diverse palette of themes, compared to other movies in the list. But it is no less brilliant than them.

Black Book

The movie is an exceptional example of film making. It took so much of its influence from the events, etched in the annals of the war. Rachel Stein becomes one of the uncountable victims of the Nazi regime. Eventually, she harnesses her hatred and becomes a spy against the Germans during WWII.


Patton was a 1970 American war movie. A biography, the film is about the life of U.S. General George S. Patton. The distinguished general served for his country during WWII. Retelling his experience, the film has acquired an iconic status in decades since. A multiple Academy Awards winner, it cannot simply be missed.

Apocalypse Now

The well-loved war movie is a film high on everybody’s list. The 1899 novel Heart of Darkness serves as the inspiration for the film. But the setting gets changed to the Vietnam War, Where Captain Benjamin L. Willard is sent to get rid of renegade Colonel Kurtz. A film immortalized by the performance of Marlon Brando, the film is one of a kind.


The 1986 movie was the first of the Vietnam War trilogy series. Casting some of the most well-known faces of this generation, the movie was a blockbuster. Fans adored its no-nonsense action sequences. And for the best experience, it needs to be viewed alongside the other two films of the series.

War movies have always held the attraction of the audience. A reason for their fame is the action they pack. But more than it, these movies tell the story of loss, pain, and suffering that war brings. They are ultimately showing the true nature of these horrific events and their effects on humanity.

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