Watch Dogs Legion Release Date, Gameplay on PS4, Xbox is Completely Different

Watch Dogs Legion game Poster

The third new entry in the Ubisoft’s hacking-filled series is on its way. Moreover, it’s been a long time that the makers have announced the release of Watch Dogs Legion. The game is set in a fictional environment near London, where the UK has been withdrawn from the EU. In the game, the payers have to a hacking group DedSec. However, the players mainly have to fight against the citizens to take down a big private security firm into their hands.

Watch Dogs Legion: Release Date 

After the second part of 2019, the makers have already revealed about the new entry in the game series. Although initially, the release date of this gameplay was March 2020. But now the makers have the confirmed release date that is October 29, 2020. The gamers can play this game on PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC. With this, Watch Dogs Legion is a cross-generation game. So ultimately, it will have Xbox Series X and PS5 versions, as well. The gamers will get free upgrades that have purchased it for the PS4 and Xbox One.

Watch Dogs Legion: About Gameplay 

Watch Dogs Legion is an action-adventure game that takes place in a fictional background of London. In the game, a private security group called Albion has seized the city. Moreover, in the game, the gamers have to recruit a group of people to join DedSec and to get back control of the city. In the recent trailer provides us with an all-over knowledge about the DedSec army. The game has the ability to switch between characters based on what resources you need. Also, the gamers can change themselves either like a hacker with a helicopter or drone, which they use to escape. In the game, gamers will have the opportunity to ride in different locations for attacking their enemies.

Some Characteristics of the Characters which the Gamers will see in Watch Dogs Legion 

The list of the characters in the game Watch Dogs Legion are-

  • A construction worker who has a wrench, nail gun, drone.
  • A street artist who comes with the preparation of a paintball gun and paint bomb.
  • A Drone Expert who has a shock drone, drone swarm, and some hacking abilities.
  • A Football hooligan who can gather players to help out in a fight.
  • A Spy comes who will have some fancy car and silencer.
  • An Anarchist will have a smoke grenade that will blur the enemy’s vision and a bandana to protect against that gas.
  • A Paramedic who access to a uniform and ambulance.
  • A Hitman who will have the ability to do instant gun takedowns.
  • Lastly, a Hacker who will have some hacking abilities. Along with this, some of the abilities like deploy and engineer.

Watch Dogs Legion: Trailer

The first glimpse that is the trailer of the game is already out. However, the response of gamers is giving a positive idea that they have liked the trailer as well as the storyline of the game.

So, after having a throw look at the overall summary of Watch Dogs Legion, we can say that it will definitely achieve success in the game world.