Top 10 Movies to Watch If You Liked The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Spy films have become a favourite among moviegoers ever since the first James Bond film. Hollywood has produced numerous spy films for many years. The Man from U.N.C.L.E, a 2015 film was one such film which proved to be a great spy film among audiences and different from the James Bond series. Viewers definitely need a break from James Bond and need to watch other different spy films. So here’s a list of top 10 spy films.

1. The Johnny English Trilogy

The Johnny English Trilogy Movie Poster

Not a single movie, but a full trilogy! Starring the one and only Rowan Atkinson, the trilogy is a parody of the James Bond films, and Atkinson absolutely nails it. People familiar with Mr Bean might find it hard to believe that Atkinson’s character Johnny English talks a lot in the films! A perfect blend of comedy and action which will make everyone laugh for sure.

2. The Kingsman films

The Kingsman films Movie Poster

Another spy comedy film series which is entertaining but also filled with stylized action sequences that will make your jaw drop. The films are funny, energetic and brutal at the same. The cool thing is that a prequel film is on the way and releasing next year. So don’t forget to watch these films and you’ll be on time for the third.

3. Spy (2015 film)

Spy Movie Poster

Another spy comedy film which stars Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham. Yes, Statham! Jason Statham always plays the tough no-nonsense guy on-screen, but in this film, he’s no different but still delivers a surprisingly funny performance. The film perfectly combines humour with intelligence that makes it a great watch.

4. Men In Black

Men In Black Movie Poster

Another film series in this list but it combines spy, science fiction, comedy and action and not to forget to mention that three of the films have Will Smith! While the fourth one has Chris Hemsworth! These films are fun to watch and should be watched by all.

5. Mission Impossible series

Mission Impossible series Movie Poster

Starring the biggest action superstar to ever live, Tom Cruise. Six films in the series and the audiences just can’t get enough of him! The best part of these films is Cruise performing his own stunts, and he literally refuses to use a stunt double, even for the most dangerous stunts! He climbed and descended Burj Khalifa, jumped out of the plane, held on to the side of an ascending plane and many more! The films also have formidable foes and the much-loved teammates.

6. Knight And Day

A film is starring Cameron Diaz, and Tom Cruise, which is a romantic action comedy that is perfect for action film lovers as well as romance lovers and will make a perfect date film. The film is charming, witty and has high octane action sequences.

7.  Get Smart

Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway and Dwayne Johnson make a good team on-screen in this film. Nobody expected Carrell to be in an action film, but he proved himself and did a fantastic job. The film is a great watch for all especially fans of Steve Carell!

8. RED film series

The two-film series, which has another usually serious action star brings out the comedy in him. The film’s star Bruce Willis in the lead along with John Malkovich and Mary Louise-Parker.

9. Red Sparrow

Starring Jennifer Lawrence in the lead, Red Sparrow is a dark, grim and gritty spy film with a unique visual style. Jennifer Lawrence delivered a fantastic performance in this film. The film also has a fantastic plot which keeps viewers guessing until the end.

10. Spies In Disguise

An animated feature film starring the voices of Will Smith and Tom Holland. Spies In Disguise is a fantastic spy science-fiction comedy that everyone will enjoy. A good storyline, great voice performances, amazing animation and sweet visuals make this film a fun watch.

These spy films will definitely keep viewers busy until the new ones come out. These films are definitely great to watch as they tick all boxes for the spy genre. Happy Watching!