Top 10 Greatest Cristopher Nolan Movies of All Time

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In general, associated with nonlinear storytelling. Cristopher Nolan is a ghastly talented filmmaker. Especially known to develop masterpieces. In this case, Christopher’s cinema is often blockbusters. Singularly Nolan seems to have only gotten better with each film. At the same time, exploring all sorts of phenomena like evocation, actuality, lucidity, terror, despair, intention, contention, gravity, romance, and war.
Finally, here is a selection of Christopher’s top ten greatest movies.

The Dark Knight:

The Dark Knight Movie Poster

Nolan is the man to put The Dark Knight on charts of brilliant filmmaking. In brief, it would not be wrong to state that he, along with late genius Heath Ledger bought “Joker” alive for all the DC fans. However, the storytelling of a devious criminal mastermind. In particular, Joker tries to create his conundrum in Gotham City.

Finally, his character keeps seeking to undermine Batman’s influence and create chaos.


 Inception Movie Poster

Firstly this is a movie starring the Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio playing Cobb. Under Nolan’s creative genius, he gave the world Inception. In the meantime, the film talks about a professional “extractor.”

In this case, Cobb and his team, with the help of advanced technology, are building a wonder. As an example, they develop a technology that could enter into people’s dreams. 


 Dunkirk Movie Poster

Lets except for Nolan as a genius for adapting Dunkirk evacuation during World War Two and made this one his own. To begin with, the movie is painfully based on a true story. Wherefore you see WW2 time period and soldiers off from Britain and France army. Finally, allied forces are seen surrounded by Germany troops on Dunkirk beach seeking evacuation. 


 Memento Movie Poster

Singularly Memento is mysterious storytelling from Nolan. In this case, Nolan brings about a story of a man who is suffering from short-term memory loss.

Coupled with agitation, the protagonist uses notes and tattoos to hunt down the man he thinks killed his wife.

The Prestige:

The Prestige Movie Poster

Inevitably adding success to Nolan’s filmmaking. As Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale In The Prestige. In this case, it is hard to guess the protagonist both these flabbergasting actors play the roles of Robert and Alfred. 

In the meantime, the story portrays rivalries between these two magicians. At the same time, they engage in competitive one-upmanship with tragic results.

Batman Begins:

Christian Bale who personified the dialogue ‘I AM BATMAN’. Under the lead role of Bruce Wayne the movie among the first of Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Thereby the story begins with Bruce conquering his fears of bats and overcoming the trauma of his dead parents. Finally, the movie concludes showing his fight to stop Ra’s al Ghul and the Scarecrow from plunging Gotham City into madness.


Here is an Al Pacino(best known for 1972 The Godfather) movie Insomnia.

Besides being a classic, the movie is regarded as one of the finest creation of Nolan. In the meantime, the movie is talking about two Los Angeles homicide detectives investigating a murder in an Alaskan town.


Nolan is portraying effortless genius with ‘Following‘. Such as It is Nolan’s first feature film. In addition, the movie is brilliantly telling the story of a young writer(Jeremy Theobald). Especially Jeremy follows strangers around the streets of London. Consequently leading him into a criminal underworld when he fails to keep his distance.

The Dark Knight Rises:

Finally the last of Nolan’s trilogy from Batman universe. However, the film is telling the story of Bruce eight years after the events of the previous one. Thereby the story continuing with an older Bruce persuaded by Bane to protect the City of Gotham from Nuclear destruction.


Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar has Matthew McConaughey in the lead role. Here the storytelling is about the future, where Earth is becoming uninhabitable, farmer and ex-NASA pilot Cooper is asked to pilot a spacecraft along with a team of researchers to find a new planet for humans.

To summarize it all, Christopher Nolan is an individualist filmmaker. He seemingly has revolutionized filmmaking. In the article, you get a complete insight into Nolan’s top ten movies.