Top 10 Games to Play in the Genre of Naval War

World of Warships game poster

Navar war has spread quite far in the gaming arena. Players have been preferring the genre and proved it to be one among the coolest genres of gaming. There are many naval war games which will take you into a very deep exciting excavation if history and adventure.

World of Warships

World of Warships game poster

World of Warships is naval warfare themed video game. Published by Wargaming, it follows the concept of earlier games like World of Tank and World of Warplanes. The game allows the players to play a random battle or advanced cooperative battles against bots.  The theme is largely circulated around combat. PS4 and Xbox One can be used for the games as consoles.

Carrier Battles 4

 Carrier Battles 4 game poster

Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal is again a combat game centralizing around the naval air battles of the Pacific War from 1942 to 1943. The players have to dodge and save their carriers from the opponents that strive to come your own way.

Naval Campaigns: Wolfpack

Wolfpack walks the way traced by their predecessors in the naval campaign. John Tiller is the developer of the game.  As for the game plot, the player has to keep his eye on the sea, manage the speed and direction of its ship while searching for enemies and attacking their ship till they sink.

Command Operations

 Command Operations game poster

Command Operations is a warfare simulation video game designed for the game addicts. Warfare Sims is the developer of the single-player mode video game. The scope, realism, accuracy, and user interface personality have highly been appreciated in the game. Released in 2013, the game already comes under the hardcore warfare genre.

Cold Waters

Cold Waters game poster


Cold Waters is a naval campaign theme game. Combats take place in the submarine where the player handles several other classes and commands them on a mission in World War II. This game by Killerfish Games and works on the platform of macOS and Microsoft Windows. It derives its inspiration from the cold war based 1988 classic named “Red Storm Rising”.

Silent Hunter III

Silent Hunter III game poster

Silent Hunter III is a submarine simulation game. It is the third chapter of the Silent Hunter series. Ubisoft Bucharest is its developer. The game plot follows the player in command of the German U Boat during the battle of Atlantic in World War II.

Rule the Waves II

Rule the Waves II is a naval simulation game during the arena of the 20th century. NWS Wargaming is the developer of the game. The player commands and is in charge of the maddening sea in the era of the 19th century. World domination or world peace, the choice lies in the hands of the player.

Victory at Sea

Victory at Sea is a naval combat game. The combat is openly held. In the huge sea where the players have to use the RTS technique as it ultimately changes courses of history. Evil Twin Artworks is the developer of the game. The date September 15, 2018, is the release date of the game.

Enigma: Rising Tide

Enigma: Rising Tide is a naval simulation game centring on the tense situation between the US and Germany. The game shows an alternate history taking place during the situations of World War II. Tesseraction Games is the developer, and Dreamcatcher Interactive is the publisher of the game. The year 2003 is its release year.

Fighting Steel World War II surface Combat 1939-1942

Fighting Steel World War II surface Combat is a 1999 video game. It again is a naval combat video game with the backdrop of World War II.  The game allows the player to access an in-game camera while handling several features at once. One will find both Single and Multiplayer modes in the game.

Gamers have a huge list to cover until they change interests. The above list helps one to develop a knack for history along with the strategic presence of the mind. One can try the above to have experience in the naval stimulation arena of gaming!