Top 10 Games to Play If You Liked The Evil Within

The Evil Within Game Poster

When anyone speaks about a wonderful Horror-Survival, Action-Adventure game, the first game which comes in our mind is The Evil Within. However, it is a Third-person Shooter video game which elaborates a game with a different and new level. The game will help the gamers to be Sebastian Castellanos. He is a skilled detective who has plagued by some mysterious elements and troubles with paranormal powers. The Evil Within the gamers has to collect some items like medical supplies, food, weapons etc. The game provides permits to the gamers to solve the mysteries which are haunting them in the game.

Like The Evil Within there are some other games which the gamers can really like. Here I present you the list The Resident Evil Series, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR, Dead Space 1 And 2, The Last Of Us, Alien: Isolation, Dying Light, Outlast 2, Alan Wake, Call Of Cthulhu, Manhunt.

The Resident Evil Series

The Resident Evil Series Game Poster

Resident Evil is a popular Single-player Horror-Survival and Shooter video game by Capcom. The story of the game features some characters like Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Both of the characters are part of S.T.A.R.S. It is an Elite Task Force who travels to the Raccoon City to find out their team members who suddenly disappeared. During that finding process, they faced some problems like fighting with all kinds of gory monsters and Zombies. However, we can say that Resident Evil is one of the longest-running Horror-Survival series of games.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake Game Poster

Alan Wake is a Third-Person Shooter with an essence of Action-Adventure Video game. The game has a fictional setup. The story of the game revolves around the character Alan Wake. However, professionally he is a novelist who suddenly loses his wife and tries to find out the truth about her lost wife. The gamers have to set into Alan’s shoes and play the game. During the game, Alan, AKA the gamers, will find out some creepy and murderous substances to find out his wife’s disappearance. Gamers can use different weapons to deal with the enemies. Along with this, the gamers will also found super dynamic 3D graphics, an open world environment and an engaging game-play as well as the story.

Dead Space 1 And 2

Dead Space 1 And 2 Game Poster

The first part of Dead Space is set in the year 2508. However, it features the character of the protagonist named Isaac Clarke. The second part of Dead space is all about the character of a protagonist Isaac Clark. The story portraits his fight against the Necromorph, which is situated on the biggest moon of Saturn. Both the parts of the game has impressive graphics, with a thrilling and action loaded game-play with a well-elaborated storyline. The gamers can play the game in Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation Game Poster

Alien: Isolation is an Action-Adventure and Horror-Survival, Stealth and Shooter video game. The storyline of the game is about the journey of Amanda Ripley, whose motive is to find her mother, Ellen Ripley.  During this, she deals with secrets, mainly some creatures of another world that is aliens. She was trapped by the aliens and fight with them alone. In the game, the gamers will get some advanced technology weapons and gadgets, to kill the aliens.

The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us Game Poster

The game is a Third-person Shooting game with action and adventure. The story of Last of US concentrates on Joel and his daughter Sarah the two characters of the game. In the game, they try to survive in the outbreak of Cordyceps Fungus. This fungus is the main reason for changing almost humanity into Monsters and Undead. However, the Last of US allows gamers to use all kinds of weapons which will help them in the massive battles. The gamers have to reach to the Rebel Head and kill him before he kills the gamers along with his teammates.

Dying Light

It is a first-person action video game. The game is all about a protagonist who is an undercover agent. The main work of the gamers is to stay alive and deal with the zombies who have infested the city. To deal with zombies, the gamers can use their Parkour skills, Unique Combat Techniques and advanced weapons. The game has different game visuals with adrenaline-pumping gameplay and Co-Op multiplayer game mode.

Call Of Cthulhu

The game mainly focuses on psychological horror and who the protagonist changes into an abnormal person. The changes in the protagonist change the story into some unbelievable twists. The gamers can play this game in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Cyanide Studio has developed the series.  It is based on the short story written by horror writer H.P. Lovecraft.

Outlast 2

The first part of Outlast was released in 2013. The game features some settings and a bunch of different characters from the first part. The main impact of Outlast 2 is the run and hide mechanics. In this game, the gamers will experience a different environment with some more effect of exploration. The gamers can play this game in the PC, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR possess the scariest virtual reality. The game has some incredible graphics gameplay with terrifying saints and sinners. The game emphasis on tension and psychological horror, which is created by some scary zombies.


It is a third-person shooter game. The game provides stunning visual effects along with character customization options. This game is also defined as thrill-filled gameplay. Manhunt provides gamers to showcase their amazing action.

Most of the movies in the list above are perfect for watching during the current global pandemic. Although these are all in the science fiction genre, their inspiration is the epidemics or pandemics before. It is going to be extremely interesting and thrilling to watch each of them.