Minions: The Rise of Gru Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything

Minions: The Rise of Gru Movie Poster

Everybody loves minions; the small yellow adorable banana loving creature won many hearts with their spin-off movie in 2015. Even though the film did not receive good critics reviews.
With an IMDb rating of 6.4 and a Rotten Tomatoes score of 55%.
Along with the fans love the movie, and as a result, it earned $1.159 Billion on the box office. Minions is a spin-off movie of the characters from Despicable Me movies.
Minions became the first non-Disney animated movie to gross over $1 Billion worldwide. Third animated movie (after Toy Story 3 and Frozen) and 23rd film in the history of cinema to do so.
In January 2017, Universal Pictures announced a sequel to the movie titled, Minions: The rise of Guru.

Here is everything to know about the upcoming sequel of Minions, including the cast, plot, release date, and more.

When will it release?

The first part came out on June 11, 2015, in London and on July 10, 2015, in the United States. The sequel was going to release on July 3, 2020 initially. But it got postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The movie will now hit the big screens on July 2, 2021.

Who will reprise their roles?  And who are the new characters?

The main characters from the first movie, Kevin, Stuart, Bob, Otto, and the Minions, all voiced by Pierre Coffin is confirmed to return. Alongside his Minions is Gru, voiced by Steve Carell. Both the voice-over actors confirmed their involvement in the movie on February 2, 2020.

Other voice-over actors include:

Taraji P. Henson as Belle Bottom, Michelle Yeoh as Master Chow, Jean-Claude Van Damme as Jean Clawed, Lucy Lawless as Nunchuck, Dolph Lundgren as Svengeance. Also, Danny Trejo as Stronghold, Russell Brand as Dr. Nefario, Julie Andrews as Marlena Gru, and Alan Arkin as Wild Knuckles.

The movie also stars RZA in an unknown role. Kyle Balda is the director of the film, while Brian Lynch is the screenwriter for the film.

What is the plot of the movie? And what do we know from the trailer?

Spoilers Ahead.

The movie is a sequel to the 2015 Minions and a prequel to the Despicable Me movie series. Minions are a prehistoric species (who have still managed to survive), whose aim is to serve the most potent baddie in their current time. At the end of the first movie, we meet young Gru, who defeats Scarlet Overkill and becomes the new master for the Minions.

Universal Pictures released the first official trailer for the film back in February 2020. The trailer introduces us to the next villains of the movie, The Viscious six and young Gru and the minions Kevin, Stuart, Bob, and Otto from the first film.

The official synopsis of the movie says:

“Set just after the 2015 film, this time in the heart of the 1970s, a twelve-year-old Felonius Gru is growing up in the suburbs. A fanboy of a supervillain group known as the Vicious 6, Gru hatches a plan to become evil enough to join them. When the Vicious 6 fire their leader, legendary fighter Wild Knuckles, Gru interviews to become their newest member.

It does not go well, and things only get worse after Gru steals from them with the help of Kevin, Stuart, Bob, Otto, and the other Minions and suddenly finds himself the mortal enemy of the apex of evil. On the run, Gru and the Minions will turn to an unlikely source for guidance, Wild Knuckles himself, and discover that even bad guys need a little help from their friends.”

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