Harry Potter [Untitled] RPG Leaks, and Every Latest Update

Harry Potter game poster

Harry Potter is one of the closest memories of a vast number of people. The end of the movies, as well as the book series, was overwhelming like never before. Since the announcement for the release of a Harry Potter RPG game, fans are excited, curious, and awaiting its arrival.

The game still does not have a name yet. There were multiple speculations on the same, but the creators are, however, to confirm. The game will not follow the same story as the books and films. It will be set in the 1800s and will be an open-world adventure game. It will revolve around Harry and his friends in the wizarding school of Hogwarts. Here is everything to know about the new Harry Potter game.

What are theories, rumours, and news updates about the game?

The excitement starts with the release of the first trailer of the game. It was the official announcement for the game and updates fans that it will be available for Play Station 5 and Xbox series X version. Sony is the publishers of the game, and Avalanche as the developers.

Avalanche Software is a famous game company. They have also worked on Disney infinity games projects. Numerous updates and speculations followed right after the release of the official trailer.

The players will be able to customize themselves into their favourite witch or wizard. Most of the characters from the Harry Potter Universe will be playable. As already mentioned before, the game will not follow the story of the books and the movies. So this also means that J.K. Rowling does not have much to do with the RPG game. Her involvement is minimal.

A tweet from a BBC reports states knowing about the project. He reveals that the name of the game is most likely going to be Harry Potter Magic Awakened. There are other possible titles he listed that the creators were thinking of. But there is no final confirmation on the name of the Harry Potter RPG game.

Another leak about the game talks about the gameplay. The player will choose whether he wants to join the league of good or the union of evil. In total, there are eight different character classes. But you will have to wait till the gameplay trailer is out.

What is going to be release date of untitled Harry Potter RPG game?

The official announcement trailer states that the game will be available for next-generation gaming consoles. There is no official release date for the role-playing of the Harry Potter game. The game is also facing a delay due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to speculations, you will most likely be able to play by 2021. A release is possible till then, but no updates, speculations are getting complicated.

Is the trailer for Untitled Harry Potter RPG game available?

During the price release by Sony for Play Station 5, the official announcement was out for the Harry Potter game. The trailer reveals mysterious creatures, magical powers, and so much excitement. You will have to wait for the new trailers.

The new Harry Potter RPG game will be a great addition to the Harry Potter franchise. It is going to be a wholly unique experience for Harry Potter fans.