Top 10 Movies to Watch Like The Last Samurai

The Last Samurai Movie Scene

When combined with a great story, war, drama, and action bring out the best film. Such films are mostly fictional accounts but have a loose inspiration from history. There are numerous beautiful films in this context.

The Last Samurai has a loose adaptation from Satsuma Rebellion in Japan led by Saigo Takamori. It was during the modernization of Japan and its culture due to foreign sources. In the movies, the foreign source is mainly referring to the United States. Here are some other films that you are going to love.


Gladiator Movie Poster

The story follows Maximus Decimus Meridius, who is a Roman General. Commodus is the son of the emperor of the estate. He murders his father and betrays Maximus. The General then begins his journey to become a gladiator to take revenge from Commodus.


Braveheart Movie Poster

The central idea of the film is the first war of Scottish Independence. It talks about a 13th-century Scottish warrior, William Wallace. William is the leader of his army of soldiers and motivates them to get into war with the king, King Edward 1 of England.

Kingdom of Heaven

With its setting of the Crusades of the 12th century, the film revolves around the Battle of Hattin. Saladin, who is the Ayubid Muslim Sultan, is trying to capture the Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Christians living in the city ask a blacksmith from a french village for help.

The Patriot

The Patriot Movie Poster

The story follows Benjamin Martin, who is an American Colonist. The inspiration for Benjamin’s character is from four different people- Thomas Sumter, Andrew Pickens, Daniel Morgan, and Francis Marion. Martin is loyal to Great Britain but is affected by the revolutionary war disturbing his personal life.

Saving Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan Movie Poster

The setting of the film is during World War 2 at the time of the Normandy invasion. Out of a family of four army brothers, three are dead. The fourth one is Private First Class James Francis Ryan, who is a Paratrooper. Captain John H. Miller and his squad, United states army rangers, are all set to go and look for the paratrooper.

Seven Samurai

This film‘s story dates back to 1954 and revolves around Japanese history, especially the Sengoku period. The people of a village are afraid of Bandits stealing their crops during harvest. So they hire a total of seven ronin who are soldiers without a samurai to save them from the bandits.


Harakiri Movie Poster

The story setting is during the rule of Tokugawa Shogunate in the Edo period. This is set between 1619 to 1630. It is a traditional Jidaigeki drama, which means that it takes place during a period. The story follows that of a Ronin who does not have a master Samurai and Harakiri’s ritual.


The literal translation of Yojimbo means bodyguard. A young ronin arrives in a small town. The two crime lords are fighting for power over the city. The ronin has skills, and both the lords try to recruit him as their bodyguard.

47 Ronin

The loose adaptation of the story is from an account of some events in 16th century Japan. A group of 47 ronin under the leadership of daimyō Asano Naganori. After Naganori gets killed, the ronin go-ahead to avenge his death from the enemy, Kira Yoshinaka.

Dance with Wolves

The inspiration for this film’s story is from a novel by Michael Blake of the same name. The story follows John J. Dunbar, who is a Union Army Lieutenant. It is about his dealings with Lakota’s group when he travels for a military post to the American Frontier.

With a whole lot of history, war, drama, and action, all the movies on this list are benchmarks in films. You will immensely love watching each of them.