Top 10 Mind Boggling TV Shows Like The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory TV Series Poster

The Big Bang Theory is based on the wrecked, nerd life of 5 friends in their 20’s. One among them named Sheldon Lee Cooper, who steals most of the audience’s attention, wants to win a Nobel Prize for Theoretical Physics. Sheldon, as a person, has a spirit of his own. His air would be a game-changer for an average teen. Good luck, binge-watching. One can never take washroom breaks in between while watching The Big Bang Theory.

Below are 10 TV series one would like if they are fans of Big Bang Theory.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley TV Show Poster

Silicon Valley is an American comedy series which creates mockery on the Silicon Valley culture. Richard Hendricks is a focused programmer who strategizes his market with starting a company called Pied Piper and gets customers for it. The theory is of competition of one significant entity with other lager entities.


Futurama TV Show Poster

Futurama is another American TV series more woke than ever. The show takes us through a journey of modernization and advancement over the decades. It is set in the 31st century, hitting the focus on Global Warming, substance abuse, and inflexible bureaucracy, which can be a few red alerts in the future.

The Conners

The Conners TV Show Poster

The Conners is a family show, for families who have shed their capes of the facade. Bad times are a part and partial of everybody’s life. Family is the one who gets to share the sprinkles of it, cry with one, and laugh with the same. Who knows what comes handy while dealing with five others with the same surname!

Dexter’s Laboratory

Dexter's Laboratory TV Show Poster

Superheroes are right down the basement of their homes, experimenting with things to save the world. Little Dexter is a child genius who has been creating experiments to protect America’s ass each day. Archenemies have been on and off destroying his experiments like Dee Dee, his annoying elder sister, but mostly Mandark, his school rival.

Drake and Josh

Drake and Josh TV Show Poster

Polar opposites attract, but sometimes, get into fights, fall into funny situations and solve each other’s areas of problem. Drake and Josh live as two stepbrothers in a disoriented family. The show shows them going through adjustments and seeking familial feelings throughout.


Eureka is a science fiction that focuses on the misuse of technology and accidents occurring through social networks worldwide. Also, it takes place in the fictional town of Eureka. The town is filling with scientific geniuses working for global dynamics.

The Flash

The Flash is a well known DC universe inspired TV show. Flash is a superhero that can travel at superhuman speed. As for other superheroes, this one too fights off crimes along with other superheroes. A little mixture of entertainment is a part of the TV series. After all, Flash isn’t as superhero-like as Batman.


Mom is another American TV series exploring the wrecked relationship between a daughter and her mom. Abandoned when little, had a mother with drinking and drug problem, and a teen mother of two children gets on with mending her relations while keeping herself off her alcohol addiction throughout.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things couldn’t have been a more relaxed series with all the massive and impressive theories of a parallel world. The upside-down, as the show calls it, has many implications other than just a parallel world in the series. Group of children and some adults have been around it for quite some time now.

Comic Book Men

Comic Book Men is a reality TV show set in Smith’s comic shop, titled “Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. The show is for all the geeks out there who have spent their childhood with comics and Mangas!

TV Series is a great time to lighten the mood as well to utilize the free time. All of the TV Series in the list above are exciting, interesting, overwhelming, and you are going to love watching each one of them.