Top 10 Mind Boggling TV Shows Like Dark Desire

Dark Desire TV Show Poster

Dark Desire is a Spanish TV series with a thriller plot. One who watches it does have to have patience solving the storyline. It takes you through a ride of mysteries and murders. Alma deceives her husband with another man to get back at him. And it doesn’t end there; the series takes a twist after it with darkness and intimacy. It releases many truths about people who are close to her.

If Dark Desire is of one’s interest, the list below will be of much help!

La Reina del Sur

 La Reina del Sur TV Show Poster

Teresa Mendoza, a young woman from Mexico, is now the most powerful drug trafficker in the South of Spain. Her past had been very hard for her. With the death of both her lovers back to back, Teresa then wanted to write her fate. Once seeped into the world of Narcotics, there was no coming back for Teresa Mendoza!

Playing With Fire

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Playing With Fire is an American TV show based on Brazilian miniseries named Amores Roubados. The plot follows a man named Frabizio who will seduce three women at once, two of them are mother and daughter. His arrival will put into stake the lives of prosperous Columbian coffee zones.

How To Get Away With Murder

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A bunch of Lawyers will derail the law right in front of one’s eyes, and nobody would have a hint! How to Get Away with Murder is a legal American TV show. In a prestigious law college, Annalise Keating, a professor, along with five of her students, gets stuck in a murder plot. What will be the outcome of such a dark cob wave formed?

Dirty John

 Dirty John TV Show Poster

John Meehan couldn’t be any more fake to the women looking out for love. Stuck in a love story with him, Debra Newell welcomes a massive wave of manipulation, secret, denial, crime, and survival! A crime series, a rather must watch for the audiences out there.


 Gypsy TV Show Poster

Gypsy has a tremendous psychological twist to it. It scares us while keeping the audience hooked to the plot further. What happens when one’s psychologist itself takes a dig into one’s personal life?


Along with position come responsibilities. Family, love, and self lie secondary to it. Emilia Urquiza is the first lady of Mexico. She now aims at reaching her goals of peace and sanctity. Her ideas when clashes with her husband, President Diego Nava, a rift is created between the two.


Trust tends to tremble and fall apart when people with good fate turn out to follow a different path. Morality has had a different meaning in today’s modern world. The real question is, is it moral, after all?

The Club

The Club is another Spanish crime TV show which centers around drug trafficking. Money has no particular source. It can emerge from the dirtiest and illegal-est of ways. Also, watch the series to see rich people falling deeper and deeper into the darknet of drugs and crime.


It is a Spanish crime drama web TV series. Yet another drama about the heroin trafficking business in Barcelona. The plot is set in the ’60s with the lead role of Helena, who is the fish caught in the net.


Perfume is literally the story of a murderer. A murder caused while satisfying his smell buds, Jean is being sentenced to death for his brutal crimes. The root of his crime was his talent for creating the best of perfumes, which were a rarity in all sense.

TV Series is a great time to lighten the mood as well to utilize the free time. All of the TV Series in the list above are exciting, interesting, overwhelming, and you are going to love watching each one of them.

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