Top 10 Horror Games of All Times to Play

Alien Isolation Game Poster

Are you a lover of horror, as well as video games? Then this article is solely for such people. Horror in video games gives an entirely new and thrilling experience to the users. These video games follow an exciting storyline and blend it with horror to provide the players with premium satisfaction.

Here is a list of 10 horror video games of all time that will take anyone on a joy ride.

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 Game Poster

The first game in the Resident Evil series uses a first-person perspective to give the Player a central view of everything in the game. The narrative follows Ethan Winters as the protagonist. The Player will be in the role of Ethan Winters, searching for his missing wife and has to face numerous challenges.

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear Game Poster

The developers and publishers of this game are the Bloober Team. The Player is in the role of a mentally troubled painter who is making his masterpiece. He navigates in a Victorian-style mansion to find out secrets about his past. Apart from exploring the painter’s life, the Player has to solve multiple puzzles.

Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation Game Poster

It is an action-packed game full of adventure. There is only a single-player mode for Alien: Isolation. The inspiration for this game was from a 1986 movie by the name Aliens. As the name suggests, the Player has to defeat an Alien who is causing destruction. He can use multiple tools to fight against the alien.

Silent Hill

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The game uses a third-person perspective and follows the story of Harry Mason. The setting of the game is in the American town of Silent Hill. Harry is looking for his missing adopted daughter when he comes across a group of mysterious people. Then he ends up finding the true identity of the child. There are a total of five possible endings to the game.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within Game Poster

This is another third-person view game following the story of Sebastian Castellanos. The gameplay of the game makes the player deal with enemies and defeat them using melee weapons and guns. The players also have to find collectables, avoid traps, and use resources to enter new levels.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

This game is a remake of Resident Evil 2, which was out in 1998. The players are in the role of a college student, Claire Redfield, and a police officer, Leon S Kennedy. Raccoon city faces a zombie attack, and the duo is trying to escape to save their lives.


Red Barrels are the developers and publishers of this first-person view game. It follows the story of Miles Upshur, who is a freelance investigative journalist. He goes to investigate a psychiatric facility in the deep mountains of Lake County, Colorado. The hospital is called Mount Massive Asylum.

Dead Space

The setting of a game is in a mining spaceship. After the discovery of an artefact, the Marker, dangerous monsters called Necromorphs, come alive. The Player is in the role of Isaac Clarke, who is an engineer. Isaac tries to move about in the spaceship, defeating the monsters and finding a way to survive.


With its release in 2019, the game was popular among people. But due to a controversy, it has been removed. The game’s setting is in Taiwan in the 1980s.


The city of Yharnam is full of inhabitants who are suffering from blood-borne diseases. The Player is in the role of a Hunter who navigates through this Victorian interior city to find the plague’s source. He also has to fight deadly monsters and unravel the mysteries behind.

All of these games are going to be extremely enjoyable. Anyone will be able to spend their time well and even try multiple endings with thrilling storylines.

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