Top 5 Must Watch TV Shows Like Ozark

One of the darkest shows ever made, Ozark. With that season 3 ending, is there anything more chilling than this? Chills, just by remembering it.
With a family held almost perfectly by Jason Bateman. Here are the top five must watches if you liked Ozark.


Bloodline TV Show Poster

The demons are lurking beneath the surface of a contemporary American family. Bloodline shows how The Rayburns(Family) try to bury their past as it contains dark secrets. In the show, you see how a tight-knit family’s relationship deteriorates, and good people get forced to consider doing terrible things. Kevin Rayburn (Norbert Leo Butz) with his siblings is involved in a murder. The show premiered in the Berlinale Special Galas section of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival.
The family who lived life peacefully gets shattered, and an unthinkable crime takes place. The show aired three seasons in total and is a must-watch for drama fans.

Bad Blood

Bad blood‘ is based on The Rizzuto crime family. They consist of crime boss Vito Rizzuto (Anthony LaPaglia), high-ranking member Declan Gardiner (Kim Coates), consigliere Bruno Bonsignori (Enrico Colantoni), and associate Gio (Tony Nappo). These Canadian Mafias Control The Drug Trade in Montreal. However, the show begins when Vito Rizzuto is out from prison after serving 31 years for murder.
Then he seeks revenge on those who killed his family and friends.
However, the production house has not announced any news on renewal or cancellation of Bad Blood for season three. So, we hope that there is going to be more.
The show is a must-watch for dark show fans.

The Wire

The wire tv show Poster

Its the most cognizant portrayal of justice, bureaucracy, and red-tapism. The Wire is about Detective James McNulty, who investigates crimes with his team in Baltimore. A Golden Globe nominee Dominic West plays the character beautifully.
However, alongside his team, he gives their best to solve the bridge between drug kingpins and law enforcement agencies.
However, the show aired for five seasons in total but on 9 March 2008, the story came to an end.
David Mills is the writer of the show, famously known for the miniseries The Corner. Also, for which he won two Emmy Awards.

The outsider

Famous writer Stephen King’s 2018 novels adaptation of the same name, The outsider, is a crime drama miniseries. A Golden Globe winner Jason Bateman stars in the show as an antagonist.
However, his character Terry Maitland is found near the gruesome murder of a young boy (Frankie) in Cherokee City. Where the little child is brutally abused, murdered, and partly cut into pieces.
Then the police investigate the actuality of the incident.
While the evidence of Terry is present at two places come to light.
Meanwhile , this information jumbles up the entire investigation for officer Ralph Anderson (Ben Mendelsohn).
Anyway, the show perfectly hallmarks a supernatural thriller by Stephen King.


Marc-André Grondin playing Jean Bastière, the man who runs a business for cleaning up crime scenes. He’s the man available to his family as he tries to keep them financially afloat.
In contrast, his primary clients are the department of police.
However, his character meets his brother Martin (Denis Ménochet), separated by a childhood tragedy. His brother arrives at his doorstep, asking Jean to help him to get out of trouble. 

In conclusion, the shows mentioned in the list will make your day and night and then the next day too. Why? Because you won’t stop binging the show.
So, grab the biggest pop-corn tub available and enjoy the show, according to your taste.

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