Top 5 Must Watch TV Shows Like Fauda

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Fauda the popular Israeli series currently streaming on Netflix.
As the show is receiving attention by all and the fans are increasing day by day.
Here is a list of shows that you would like if you like Fauda.
The shows below will fall in the genre of action-thriller, political-drama, spy, fiction, and psychological thriller.

The spy

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The Spy is a series on the story of an eminent spy Eli Cohen. The show is an adaptation for an espionage Israeli TV miniseries.

To begin with, Eli Cohen becomes a spy. Incidentally during a six-day war between Syria and Israel in 1967. He is going as an undercover agent. So then he names himself Kamel Amin Thaabet while establishing the ploy as a member of the Syrian high society.

Subsequently, he befriends the hierarchy generals in Syria. Lastly, he gets appointed as the country’s Deputy Defense Minister. Finally, Eli becomes a confidant of the future president of Syria. The journey is worth watching.


Bodyguard TV Show Poster

Firstly this is a BBC show that debuted on Netflix.

Bodyguard has harnessed numerous fans. David Budd, a war veteran, finds work as a police sergeant in the London’s Metropolitan Police Service.

Where he works in the Royalty and Specialist Protection branch.
Thereby for duty, David is assigned to protect the Home Secretary, Julia Montague.

Particularly as a veteran, Budd’s experienced some vile incidents. In this case, he is against Montague’s idea, who supports the Iraq War and War in Afghanistan.

In the meantime, Budd is suffering from psychological trauma and is depressed by his collapsed relationship with his wife. The show holds the viewer in its grasp and fills the body with shots of adrenaline.

Secret City

Secret city TV Show Poster

A women-centric drama Secret City is an enthralling series. Firstly it is an Australian television drama rated among the top ten watches on Netflix.

The show is in a serious political tussle going which threatens to expose the fragility of democracy.
In addition, foreign powers seek to profit from the uneasiness.

Harriet’s (Anna Torv) character gets on a quest to reveal the truth. She is trying to unravel the truth behind the death of a young boy found near the lakeshore.

Meanwhile, she discovers a project that’s so secret that even the prime minister is unaware of its existence. Harriet’s story finds the connection between Australian intelligence and China’s dead sailor. The show is super interesting and the twists are right in your face but you’re blind.


Traitors is set in 1945 London. The earlier period just after World war II.

The creator, Bathsheba Doran’s series protagonist gets a job in the American office of Strategic Services. That’s exactly when all the chaos begins.

As designated to identify a Soviet spy in the cabinet. ‘Traitors’ a one-season series, although speculation about the renewal of the show is swirling around. 


This Swedish drama series debuted in 2020 on the Netflix streaming site.

It is an eight-part thriller-drama as it tells the tale of Bethnal Green Trio.

Three teenage girls from London met jihad recruiters at their high school in February 2015. Since their abduction, the girls are met with reprehensible situations.

The plot revolves around the subjects of religious extremism, Islamophobia, and human rights. A series of unfortunate events trap the unfortunate girls.

The article briefly reads on The spy, Bodyguard, Secret city, Traitor, and Caliphate. It summarizes all the reasons why the enlisted grouping should be must-watch.

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