Top 5 Must Watch TV Shows Like Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul TV Show Poster

‘Better Call Saul’ falls in the genre of crime, tragedy, legal drama, and dark comedy.
The show became an epitome for how a spin-off for a show should be.
Following the story of the most incredible show of all time, the show offers you the same vibe.
Furthermore, the article concludes a list of shows with a similar liking to Better Call Saul.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad tv show poster

Vince Gilligan is the lead creator on the show. And creates a compelling protagonist, a deeply flawed yet charismatic genius.

In brief, Vince portrays the story of Walter White (Bryan Cranston). A school chemistry teacher. In the show, his character is profoundly depressed and underpaid.

Additionally, White battles a stage-three lung cancer diagnosis.

Only to suffice life White starts producing and distributing crystallized methamphetamine. Thereby to secure his Family’s monetary future before he dies.

White acquires help from his erstwhile student Jesse Pinkman(Aaron Paul) at his criminal activities. The story has gained a wide range of popularity for the amazing story-writing, character building and the excellence delivered by the show.


Fargo Season 4 TV Show Poster

Fargo has a tight storyline and unpredictable twists thrown in your way. 

Noah Hawley, the show’s creator, takes inspiration from The Coen Brother’s 1996 movie of the same name.

Each season on Fargo has a compilation of different periods, with a different plot.

Nevertheless, in every season, the series has several references hinting to the Coen Brothers’ movies. 

A blend of dark comedy and an unanticipated plot is what Fargo unravels. Fargo season four officially was going to release on 19 April 2020. But, its release date got delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The Night Of

The Night Of is an American crime drama series. Its an adaptation from Peter Moffat’s British TV series Criminal Justice. 

To begin with, the story is about Nasir Khan (Riz Ahmed).
Nasir, a college student, living in New York, decides to give a lift to a mysterious woman, Andrea.

However, in the short meet, he takes her to a party hosted by his friend.
Nasir’s night turns into the day with drugs and sex. 

However, when he wakes up after the party. He witnesses the dead girl who is, unfortunately, Andrea. 

Now the focal point of the story is to prove Nasir innocent. Fans of the show expect a second season, but a potential release date is in mid-2021.


Bloodline TV Show Poster

It’s an American Netflix original thriller–drama web television series. The show inspects the demons lurking beneath the surface of a modern American family.

In the series, the Rayburns family try to bury their past, containing dark secrets. You see how the focal point of the story is about the unspeakable stuff that the Family does. 

To summarize, once happily lived Family, the Rayburns get shattered, while an unthinkable crime takes place in their lives. In conclusion, the Family tries to hide the crimes they’ve committed.

The show aired three seasons in total and will be a good watch if you love dark-drama.

Bad Blood

The series ‘Bad blood’ is based on The Rizzuto family, which is an organized crime family in Montreal.
Anthony LaPaglia plays Vito Rizzuto, who is the leader of the drug gang.
However, Vito is falsely implicated and arrested for multiple murders.

Finally, after jail time, Vito seeks to avenge for the death of his Family.

In the meantime, the Rizzuto crime family seeks to bring peace to the city’s criminal world. However, things unravel differently for the Canadian mafias.

In conclusion, the shows mentioned above are way too dark and hard to digest shows, if you have a weak stomach, or like to watch fantasy shows, then this list isn’t for you.
Whereas, if you like to live in reality, all the shows are a must-watch.