Top 10 Horror TV Shows to Watch on Hulu

American Horror Story TV Show Poster

If you like to get scared, or you’re fascinated by the supernaturally scary, the best horror TV show, Hulu will cater to your needs. Hulu has a lot more than just frightening flicks.

Hulu network has (More than) 25 million shows to watch. For example, the article gives you a tell-all on the top ten horror TV shows network has to offer.

American Horror Story

American Horror Story TV Show Poster

A tale about houses with a deadly secret. For instance, it is an anthology series. To begin with, the series main focal point consists of different homes. Such as a demented asylum, a witch coven, an unusual show, a hotel, a haunted farmhouse, a cult, and an apocalypse. Over the years, it has consistently spooked many of us. Similarly, with every story comes a wave of the new cast.

American Horror Story” has halted production for season 10 over concerns about spreading COVID-19. Lastly, it’s expected that the show will be back in late 2021.

The Terror

The Terror TV Show Poster

It shows portraying bizarre deaths haunting a Japanese American community. Further, this anthology television series focuses on a Chester Nakayama (Derek Mio), a young man’s journey to understand and combat the evil entity that is responsible.

Also, the show tells how protagonist persecution from the American government, and they battle the evil spirit that threatens their future.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock tv show poster

To begin with, this is a psychological horror series that takes place in Castle Rock. Also, it is an Anthology series that explores themes and worlds that unite King’s canon. Besides, it shows Stephen King’s multiverse take to the infamous Shawshank Prison.

Later in the series, you see how An anonymous phone call lures death-row attorney Henry Deaver(André Holland)back to Castle Rock.

While he is unsettled with his hometown. After he returns to help a sinister. A mostly mute man who is kept in a cage underneath Shawshank. 

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone TV Show Poster

Yet another classic Anthology series from the archives of 1959. For example, the show is set in different places with varied plots. In conclusion, it is a comprehensive collection of mystical tales. For example, it shows people trying to solve their problems using their unique ideas.

Stan Against Evil

Stan Against Evil tv show poster

Firstly this one is a comedy horror show. So the show stars John C. McGinley (judgmental sheriff Stan Miller). Further, it explores the character giving up his job because of an angry outburst at the most inopportune moment his wife’s funeral.

Later he makes allies with the new sheriff of the town to battle a plague of spine-chilling demons.

The Strain

An American horror drama television series ‘The Strain’ is a must-watch. For instance, it shows a team of investigators. In this case, the team investigates a mysterious viral outbreak with characteristics of an evil strain of vampirism.

Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural

It is a BuzzFeed original show that aired on YouTube. For instance, it shows two members of the Buzzfeed team, Ryan and Shane. So then Buzzfeed sent them to explore unsolved crimes, haunted places, alleged demonic possessions, and historical occurrences.

While the topics of discussion are often morbid, most episodes are presented in some form of a comedic manner.

The X-Files

A successful run of eleven seasons X-files is a must-watch. So the show is about (Gillian Anderson) Dana Scully and (David Duchovny) Fox Mulder. Firstly these characters are investigating agents of the show.

Later the show tells how these two pull out all the stops as FBI special agents and find inexplicable paranormal cases.

The Outer Limits

Yet another archive science-fictional show from 1963. While the show anthology series focuses on how people think their TVs are being controlled.

Set in different time periods and plots, the show covers a mix of sci-fi and horror that feature “scary monster” motifs to episodes focused on the sci-fi aspects of the stories.


Firstly students are never keen on going to schools. So imagine, a chemical plant meltdown causes an explosion. For instance, it is a story for Kent High School students who face this catastrophic incident in their small town. While they survive, all of them are trapped inside the educational institution.

So, Grab your subscription of Hulu with the biggest pop-corn tub available and enjoy the show, according to your taste.