Movies Minecraft Movie Release Date, Plot, Trailer and Everything

Minecraft Movie Release Date, Plot, Trailer and Everything

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The excitement is ever increasing. Minecraft, the popular video game, is getting a movie in its name now. In the past also, adaptations of various video games were made for the film, but the success record is usually low. However, the developer of Minecraft, Mojang, and Warner Bros. is confident about the film.

Minecraft is a Swedish-American movie. Before the premiere of the movie, there are a few things that everyone should know about it.

Details about the movie

The movie went on backtrack when director Shawn Levy was facing creative differences with the developers of the video game. Warner Bros went on to hire Rob McElhenny, who is known for his work in ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’ With Rob on the project, the film will soon be out. He is also co-writing the script for the film with writer Jason Fuchs.

There are no official announcements on the cast members for the movie. However, one such update is doing rounds, which is the hiring of Steve Carell as a lead actor for the film.

What is going to be the plot that Minecraft is going to follow?

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The movie is most likely going to be a love action one. If you follow the video game, it does not have a constant narrative and has an open ending. This is making it difficult to speculate on the plot of the movie. The video game is all about an open world sandbox adventure where the player acquires and uses different elements to create their own world.

Some other speculations suggest that the story of the movie will revolve around a teenage girl. Opposite to the girl as the protagonist, there is going to be a dragon who wants to destroy the world. The girl following the road of adventure has to find a way to save the world from destruction.

However, there is no certainty in the story or plot that the film is going to follow. The sky is the limit when it comes down to guessing.

When is the movie going to premiere?

The film is taking a long time to premiere and give out official announcements about its details. There was an initial release date is May 2019 for Minecraft, but the movie schedule did not stick to it. The Warner Bros calendar looks almost full, and getting a release date is difficult.

As of now, there is no official release date for Minecraft. But a recent update talks about the premiere of Minecraft to shift until the beginning of 2022.

Is there a trailer for Minecraft?

A trailer would have been helpful in knowing the movie better before its release. But there is no official trailer of a teaser out for the movie yet. The trailer would also help in knowing some tentative release date for the film, but it looks like some more waiting is in store.

The excitement among Minecraft fans is not coming to an end. Everything about the movie is looking like a surprise. Curiosity is ever-increasing, and the patience for the film is going to end soon.

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